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Adobe AIR Development

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Signing is annoying

This process has been the most unforgiving part of developing for the Playbook


I have an error when trying to get RIM to sign it and it says


Package-Author in Manifest not set to Mitchell Clay


What tag and where do I put this?

I have tried <Package-Author>Mitchell Clay</Package-Author>

in both myapp-app.xml and blackberry-tablet.xml


Google results told me no solutions

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Re: Signing is annoying



dont worry, everyone's going through the motions hah. this is what your blackberry-tablet.xml should look like:



  <publisher>Sample Inc.</publisher>


The package-author its looking for should be in the <publisher> tags. so remove teh <package-id> stuff from wherever u inserted and use that for your blackberry-tablet.xml file. good luck!


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Re: Signing is annoying

I would make sure the company name you are using in your developer cert and the code-signing file are the same. I don't think the <publisher> element is required to match (at least the docs aren't clear) but I would make sure its the same too.


This doc says:

  • Ensure that you have a Developer Certificate. You can use the signing tool to create a Developer Certificate, or provide an existing Developer Certificate from another source.

    If you create a Developer Certificate using the signing tools, ensure that the common name (company name) parameter matches what you enter in the Company field on the registration form. If you have an existing Developer Certificate you use to sign your Adobe Flash applications, ensure that the name you enter in the Company field on the registration form matches the common name (company name) of your existing certificate. You will not be able to sign your BlackBerry Tablet OS Application if these names do not match.

  • It kind of sounds like this might be the problem to me, though I cant be certain because I havent purposefully made it fail.



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    Re: Signing is annoying

    [ Edited ]

    So much of the information about the signing process (and everything else about the BB Tablet AIR SDK for that matter) is disjointed and found in random places, but if you're a bit obsessive about reading everything and being certain about every stage of the process, it's actually fairly straightforward and uncomplicated. Just set aside an half-hour to collect all the information and read everything two or three times. The annoying part isn't that it's complex, but each piece of information is like a puzzle piece, which makes little sense by itself, until it's all put together into one image, which is suprisingly simple.


    One example of this silliness: the "publisherID" tag in the -app.xml file is an outdated tag, not actually used in *any* post-2.0 AIR apps, no matter what platform. This isn't really said anywhere expect for the comments of the file itself (when it's auto-generated by the IDE). As a result, a lot of people are using it and gettting errors. This also helps shed light on why some tags, like "publisher" and "splashscreen," are in the "blackberry-tablet.xml" file, because the -app.xml file only contains standard AIR vocabulary.

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    Re: Signing is annoying

    [ Edited ]

    I had that issue as well.  For me the fix turned out to be adding a -publisher to my command line bar packaging.


    Basically this is what my CMD looked like:


    blackberry-airpackager -publisher "[ PUBLISHER NAME ]" -package MyProject.bar MyProject-app.xml blackberry-tablet.xml MyProject.swf blackberry-tablet-icon.png


    Note that [ PUBLISHER NAME ] should be the "Mitchell Clay" for you ( I think )


    I found it here:

    Release Notes - BlackBerry Tablet OS SDK for Adobe AIR - 1.0 Beta


    When you package your application and you do not include an author, an unknown publisher error occurs.

    Workaround: When you package your application, add the author information to the XML configuration file. To add an author, add the <publisher> element to the blackberry-tablet.xml file. From the command line, use the -publisher command when you compile your application using the blackberry-airpackager tool. For more information about command line options, run blackberry-airpackager from the command line with no options.


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    Re: Signing is annoying

    kdittyr, you just made my night.  Adding the -publisher option worked for me.  Thanks for posting.