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inside custom component

Adobe AIR Development

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Simple Dialog with multiple inputs

Hey guys, 


i need to prompt the user for 2 or 3 textinputs. 

Basically its a LoginDialog (i use it for testing) without the ****** stars and show the hidden characters.


Best thing i could find was the PromptDialog, I can add buttons, but cannot add messages / labels. 



Can i even extend the qnx-BaseDialog / PromptDialog in the ANE with Lables + Editable Fields ?


Or do i have to write my own component ? - if so how do i implement the modal (PopupManager-Manager) stuff ?


Thank you.


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Re: Simple Dialog with multiple inputs

I am not certain if this is changed in BB10 (since I dont use those since the PlayBook days), but you were never able to customize the dialog classes since they were a service and not an in-app library.

I use my own. To make it "modal", you add a sprite with a fill color of black at an alpha of about 0.6, then you add your control to the sprite. You are basically cutting off mouse events with the sprite.
Posts: 11
Registered: ‎03-01-2013
My Device: Simulator BB10
My Carrier: unknown, company employer

Re: Simple Dialog with multiple inputs

[ Edited ]

I just tried to extend the Dialog class, the content property is only protected/exposed.

Works fine in simulator. Can anyone test/confirm this on a real device ?





	import flash.events.Event;
	import qnx.fuse.ui.dialog.DialogBase;
	import qnx.fuse.ui.text.Label;
	import qnx.fuse.ui.text.TextInput;
	public class CustomInputDialog extends DialogBase
		private var customInputs:Vector.<TextInput> = new Vector.<TextInput>();
		private var customLabels:Vector.<Label> = new Vector.<Label>();
		public function CustomInputDialog()
		public function addInputItem(label:String, prompt:String = ""):TextInput
			var l:Label = new Label();
			l.text = label;
			var t:TextInput = new TextInput();
			t.prompt = prompt;
			// not working ?
			// content.getChildByName(name) as TextInput
			return t;
		public function getInputAt(index:uint):String
			try {return customInputs[index].text;}
			catch(e:Error) {return "";}
			return "";
		public function getInputItemAt(index:uint):TextInput
			try {return customInputs[index]}
			catch(e:Error) {return null;}
			return null;
		override public function destroy():void
			var t:TextInput;
				t = customInputs.pop();
				if (content.contains(t)){content.removeChild(t);}
			var l:Label;
				l = customLabels.pop();	
				if (content.contains(l)){content.removeChild(l);}
			customInputs = null;
			customLabels = null;




import qnx.fuse.ui.text.KeyboardType;
import qnx.fuse.ui.text.TextInput;

private function showCustomInputDialog():void
	trace("showCustomInputDialog: " + arguments);
	var cid:CustomInputDialog = new CustomInputDialog();
	cid.title = "Muhahaha";
	cid.addInputItem("i am label 0");
	var restricted:TextInput = cid.addInputItem("im the label 1", "Numbers only, gentlemen");
	restricted.softKeyboardType = KeyboardType.NUMBERS;
	// restricted.restrict = "0-9";
	// https://developer.blackberry.com/air/apis/bb10/qnx/fuse/ui/text/KeyboardType.html
	cid.addEventListener(Event.SELECT, handleCustomInputDialog);

private function handleCustomInputDialog(e:Event):void
	var cid:CustomInputDialog = CustomInputDialog(e.target);
	var input_0:String = cid.getInputAt(0);
	var input_1:String = cid.getInputAt(1);
	trace(" cid.selectedIndex: " + cid.selectedIndex);
	trace(" cid.getItemAt(ad.selectedIndex): " + cid.getItemAt(cid.selectedIndex));
	trace("	input_0: " + input_0);
	trace("	input_1: " + input_1);
	// OK label
	if (cid.selectedIndex == 0)