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Re: WAKE UP RIM - Android is not the answer!

just to clarify something about the openness of the flashplayer: it's available in binary format for everyone. you just have to reverse engineer it. Thats not a kind way of source providing but hey, at least it's available.


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Re: WAKE UP RIM - Android is not the answer!


lrrm wrote:

just to clarify something about the openness of the flashplayer: it's available in binary format for everyone. you just have to reverse engineer it. Thats not a kind way of source providing but hey, at least it's available.

To wit: http://www.gnu.org/s/gnash/


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Re: WAKE UP RIM - Android is not the answer!

Interesting article highlighting the "benefits" of have Android on Playbook - for both consumers and developers.



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Re: WAKE UP RIM - Android is not the answer!

I see your point as I bought a wii for paper mario alone and then mario galaxy. but thats like comparing cod on my ps to cod for wii. its horrible ! having the playbook does open the device to a lot more everyday consumers who are not too knowledgable with computer hardware because when a sales clerk shows the xoom, galaxy tab and playbook together; Joe-blow is gonna look at them and say "uhhh... so these two are android, but this one is a blackberry and an android? SOLD!" trust me, a few of my friends already said they're holding out for that reason alone, and a few of my older family members liked the fact that there are so many options on it!


As for us as developers, it seems a little bit crewl. For one, I would have held on to that little tidbit until a couple months after release, make people who bought android tabs feel bad and hit kijiji, allow us developers to generate popularity, and the app store to see more action. Knowing this now, means for me at least theoretically, that I can check the android market on my Liquid E, and instead of buying from one of the fellow devs, hope that this developer ports his app and just wait for it, or ask.


I would much rather an app that was made natively anyways, as I like the fellow devs here, so no worries ! Smiley Happy

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Re: WAKE UP RIM - Android is not the answer!

What irritates me personally is that IF they go with Android.. go all in make it the default dev environment on PB. Gingerbread phone apps + tablet + incompatibility problems = fail. Dalvik on top of QNX that can run Honeycomb and we are talking. Andorid player and then legacy BB java player sounds like a mess

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Re: WAKE UP RIM - Android is not the answer!

Almost no one seems to notice that apps running in the Android Dalvik VM is basically the exact same situation as the Adobe AIR VM that we're all developing for, and the Webworks SDK as well. Remember, HTML and Javascript run in a virtual machine, too (the Playbook uses Webkit, I think).


Developers will take their Android code, make some minor tweaks for UI differences, and then compile it for the Playbook and submit it to App World. This is exactly the same process that we AIR developers have been using. What is everybody so worked up about?


Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if there's a Android developer or two who develop a playbook app with the Android Eclipse SDK without even creating an Android version, just as some are developing Playbook apps in AIR and in HTML and not planning a multi-platform release.


Sheesh, I might take all of this "oh no, Android will dilute the store/brand/dev community" nonsense more seriously if people used the same arguments against the AIR and Webworks SDKs. But even a consistently applied argument there is rediculous.


I mean, to these people, it's about the "brand," when really, it should be about the developer and the user. Android devs *will* make Playbook specific customizations for thier apps, just as we AIR developers make tweaks for the iOS, Android, Playbook, Desktop, and Web versions of our apps.


From the user's perspective, I doubt many will going to notice a difference between an app developed using the Webworks, AIR, Android, or Native SDKs, even if the developer does just the bare minimum to optimize thier app for the Playbook.


Surely not all Android ports will be perfectly applied, but it's absolutely insane that anyone thinks that Android devs are not capable of this kind of thing when we AIR devs are, or that they will simply refuse to optimize thier code en masse. And does anyone think RIM is going to let an app sail through to approval if there's no way to access the menu, for example?


It's just crazy to think that there are people here who would prefer a world of less choice and less access.

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Re: WAKE UP RIM - Android is not the answer!

Ignoring the fact that your pretentious rant is insluting our inteligence, how can you be "utterly disgusted" with a company that is e.g. giving away free Playbooks to developers? Strong words, mind you!

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Re: WAKE UP RIM - Android is not the answer!

GoldenJoe: Nothing kicks off a conversation like insulting everyone who sees the post.

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Re: WAKE UP RIM - Android is not the answer!

Honestly it's not solely up to RIM whether they have exclusive developers or not.  If they wanted that kind of exclusivity then they would either have dev's working within RIM or establish contracts with development companies, but they have done neither.  So if we as the developers want to solidify this platform with exclusive content I think we need to establish that.


I am up for it.

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Re: WAKE UP RIM - Android is not the answer!

streak81 wrote:

I agree
PB Apps <  PB Apps + Android Apps


competition is great and so is support for as many platforms as possible.  This is a testament to the capabilities of QNX as an OS.


Also...To anyone on here who is afraid that the competition and support for android will make you lose sales...MAKE BETTER APPS.  As always, the better apps will do well and the others will get lost in the mix.  This is true for all platforms.



TRUE. Windows can run Linux...in a VM, LInux can run Windows with WINE.... Why not do the same thing with a mobile device? Obviously people want to.... I PUT ANDROID ON AN IPHONE.....and ran both....People want interoperability.... RIM made a good move, and in my opinion, a very balls-y move, They are proving to be the bigger man by saying "sure you can run that app on our device, we're not here to discriminate" ... People trash-talking other devices or platforms have poor sportsmanship. get a life.
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