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What kind of application / game did you submit ?

I searched for that but didnt find any post where peeps promote their apps.

Would be interesting to get a reading of some application spec.


I bet there are submitted som e really cool apps / games that needs to be uplifted.


So, lets begin. Give a brif of your application(s) / game(s)













Lets roll the dices Smiley Happy


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My Device: PlayBook
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Re: What kind of application / game did you submit ?


NAME:  Wair
VERSION: currently 1.4
DEVICE(S): PlayBook, Android, Desktop (Planning for iOS as well)
File transfer application for devices. The idea is to transfer files from one device to another device (real time) without any cable connection such as USB via a computer. Its ment to be simple so no registration is needed. Its built on  chatroom like structure where person needs to create or join a network. When i say network its actually just a unique room. For extra security you can also use a password. This is no real password but it is just a extra key used to make your network more unique and (easy)-accessible for unauthorized users.
There are lots of similar applications (i think) but you need some kind of account and logging in, but not with Wair.
Since its only tested on simulator and its file browse only shows image files, i assume that images are only files to be seen on playbook. (Maybe physical devices have lighter restrictions). Wair supports any kind of file formats so to prevent piracy, file needs to be less than 5mb.
Here is how it works: 

Lets say you got mobile and a tab (of course an PlayBook Smiley Wink ). Images taken with camera in your phone, needs to be transferred to your PlayBook so you can show those photos to your cat and friends.
On device 1 (mobile) you launch Wair and create a network for yourself.
On PlayBook, you launch Wair and type in same network name and join it. (You will be indicated how many users are in the network, so you can discover if there are more devices connected than your own devices - then there probably is an unauthorized user whos entered by mistake - disconnect and create new network and use password for it for more security)
Anyhow, when you connected devices to the network, on mobile you browse for your images and request transfer.
Now, the file is chopped down into small pieces and is transferred directly to your other device.
(If you have 4 devices, connected, they all get the same file).
On receiving device you'll se a progress bar that file is being received and when done, Wair prompts for save request.
If received a file that you did not send, you will be abel to delete received data.
Otherwise you can save the data which is put back to one entire file from all those pieces.
You also at this stage get File management where you could erase previously received and saved files.
Thats all, Open, choose, OK, -> receive, save or delete.
There are big plans for this app. When Wair gets approved for blackberry i will release a desktop version.
Working currently on making Wair better and safer.



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Re: What kind of application / game did you submit ?

NAME: Hourglass Time Tracker (though this will likely change)

VERSION: v0.1.0 aka Preview Version 1.0

DEVICE(S): Blackberry Playbook


DESCRIPTION: Does what you'd expect. It's a time tracker program that you can record your hours worked in. For now it's very simple and only keeps track of your total hours worked for each day of the week, but a lot of other features are planned, and some even half coded but commented out for the first preview.


FUTURE PLANS: Oh, I could go on forever. Expense tracking, multiple timesheets, a method to click a button to start the timer and stop the timer and use that as your hours, a method to set exact times that you start and top working, support to email your timesheet (when email is figured out on the PB), notifications, and more.


OTHER: As you can tell from my future plans, I have a lot left to do for this app, but in effort to get in by the deadline to get a unit to test on, I massively simplified the application. It doesn't help that I started working on it a week or two before the deadline and I had never used AIR before. Because the first version is so limited, it's going to be offered for free. Hopefully I can have a big update before the Playbook even goes on sale. In the future when the feature set is more complete, I'll probably stick a price of a couple of bucks on the app.

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Re: What kind of application / game did you submit ?

NAME: KeepUp


DEVICE(S): Blackberry Playbook


DESCRIPTION: The title says it all - keep the ball up in the air by tapping to "kick" it. As you rack up more "kicks", the ball shrinks to increase the difficulty of the game.


FUTURE PLANS: Alternate Game Modes: Accelerometer-controlled paddle mode, Two-player competition, "Pro" difficulty mode, and any other mode I think of Smiley Wink

Global Online Leaderboards (including your high score, total number of "kicks", etc)


Alternate Themes/Backgrounds(?)


OTHER: Like a lot of other devs, I haven't taken this app anywhere close to its full potential yet. After I get a device for testing, I'll hopefully pump out these updates quickly.

Any suggestions for other features or game modes are always welcome! (PM me)

My Apps:
KeepUp (http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/26514?lang=en)
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Re: What kind of application / game did you submit ?

NAME: Playback

VERSION: 1.0.1 (submitted, not yet approved)

DEVICE(S): BlackBerry PlayBook


DESCRIPTION: Playback is an audio recorder for your BlackBerry PlayBook.

Record up to four separate tracks, mix in stereo, and export to a .wav file to share with the world.


FUTURE PLANS: SoundCloud / Twitter / Facebook integration


OTHER: I'm interested in seeing how this will perform on the real device - and what sorts of optimizations I might need to make for the specifics of the hardware. I've also had quite the adventure learning some basic audio processing and how the file system in the simulator works. It can seem like things change between boots sometimes, which is frustrating, but likely a result of the late nights I've put in. If anyone has any suggestions (or is a musician who has a 'must have' feature in a four-track recorder), please let me know! I'm not developing entirely in a vacuum here, but it's nice to have outside feedback.

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Re: What kind of application / game did you submit ?

NAME: Snap

VERSION: 1.0.1

DEVICE(S): PlayBook


DESCRIPTION:Snap allows you to capture your greatest moments with your BlackBerry PlayBook. Choose from the photos on your device, and edit them to create your masterpiece! And when you're finished, share it with the world!


Allows user to crop, rotate, and flip photos, along with adjusting brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, desaturate, and blur. The user can save the photo to their device or upload it to Facebook.



- clean up UI to take advantage of multitouch interface

- additional filters and tools

- integrate with twitter, DropBox, e-mail, flickr, and imgur




I had a lot of fun developing this app! I'm really excited to develop it further, and I really hope I get a free PlayBook!

Founder of Pulsecode Inc. and taab
Authomator - Two-factor authentication codes on BlackBerry 10 - http://www.xitijpatel.com/ - Follow @xitijpatel
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Re: What kind of application / game did you submit ?

This one's a must see!  At least look at the screenshots (you can see them on the website below)

NAME:  The Rainstorm

VERSION: 1.0.1

DEVICE(S): PlayBook, plans for web, android, iOS

 DESCRIPTION: A game where you make ripples in realistic water to move a little boat around to collect coins.  It looks amazingly good for a flash app.  Collect coins and dodge leaves as the rainstorm gets stronger and more intense, making it hard to control your little boat.  As far as I know, nobody has made a game like this.




  • Add multitouch (I was too chicken to do this without a device to test it)
  • Add a story (I have one in mind, there was just not enough time before the deadline)
  • Make multiple levels
  • Add other gameplay elements/styles



In-progress Website: https://sites.google.com/site/athertongames/

I am very glad I made this game.  It was a great experience, especially once it got to a finished state.  I feel really good about how it looks and sounds.

WIP game: Melodaeum
My graphically bland but very useful Morse Code trainer: Speed CW
My graphically attractive but boring game: The Rainstorm