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Adobe AIR Development

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qnx.fuse.ui.radio buttons.

Hi every one, i found a code regarding qnx radio  buttons, in that code he used qnx.fuse.ui.buttons.

But i could not find that class or library, where can we find that...

here's the code,

    import flash.display.Sprite;
    import flash.events.MouseEvent;
    import qnx.fuse.ui.buttons.RadioButton;
    import qnx.fuse.ui.buttons.RadioButtonGroup;
    [SWF(height="600", width="1024", frameRate="30",
    public class RadioButtonSample extends Sprite
        public function RadioButtonSample()
        private function initializeUI():void
            var rb1:RadioButton = new RadioButton();
            rb1.setPosition(100, 100)
            rb1.label = "Meal option 1";
            rb1.groupname = "rbg1_meals13";
            addChild( rb1 );
            var rb2:RadioButton = new RadioButton();
            rb2.setPosition( rb1.x, rb1.y + 40 );
            rb2.label = "Meal option 2";
            rb2.groupname = "rbg1_meals13";
            addChild( rb2 );
            var rb3:RadioButton = new RadioButton();
            rb3.setPosition( rb1.x, rb2.y + 40 );
            rb3.label = "Meal option 3";
            rb3.groupname = "rbg1_meals13";
            addChild( rb3 );
            var rb4:RadioButton = new RadioButton();
            rb4.setPosition( 300, 100 )
            rb4.label = "Meal option 4";
            rb4.groupname = "rbg1_meals46";
            addChild( rb4 );
            var rb5:RadioButton = new RadioButton();
            rb5.setPosition( rb4.x, rb4.y + 40 );
            rb5.label = "Meal option 5";
            rb5.groupname = "rbg1_meals46";
            addChild( rb5 );
            var rb6:RadioButton = new RadioButton();
            rb6.setPosition( rb4.x, rb5.y + 40 );
            rb6.label = "Meal option 6";
            rb6.groupname = "rbg1_meals46";
            addChild( rb6 );
            var rbg1:RadioButtonGroup = RadioButtonGroup.getGroup( "rbg1_meals13" );
            rbg1.addEventListener( MouseEvent.CLICK, rbg1Change );
            rbg1.setSelectedRadioButton( rb2 );
            var rbg2:RadioButtonGroup = RadioButtonGroup.getGroup( "rbg1_meals46" );
            rbg2.addEventListener( MouseEvent.CLICK, rbg2Change );
            rbg2.setSelectedRadioButton( rb5 );
        private function rbg1Change( event:MouseEvent ):void{
            trace("rbg1 change event");    
        private function rbg2Change( event:MouseEvent) :void{
            trace("rbg2 change event");    


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qnx.fuse.ui.radio buttons.

Hi every one, sorry for another issue in radio buttons, Why does the data is not being traced in radio buttons.

i have used the same code from the above

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Re: qnx.fuse.ui.radio buttons.

Have you installed the SDK 2.0? This update brings the fuse classes.


I am not sure what you mean with your second question. 

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