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A journey to the bottom.

1) Take a company that is at the top of the game with Blackberrys everywhere.  Not only do you control the enterprise, even the kids were wanting “Crackberries”.

2) Become complacent, ignore the market, ignore your consumers and squash all forms of invitation from within the company quickly.  


1) Once you realize the market has passed you by, grab some outdated hardware, throw some buggie software on to it and market it as the best thing since sliced bread.

2) When the market ignores you for the reasons above, update the software to run another vendors software stack.  After all, they now have your established user base and tons of apps.

3) When that doesn’t work due to the convoluted process and limited market share, give away the devices in hopes of enticing enough developers to convert apps and recover some of your lost user base to get off the ground.

4) Don’t change your business model though, keep the whole development, app submission, approval process a complete nightmare full of mis-information and locked down.



Instead of learning from what has worked for the competitors, RIM is continuing the same mistakes over and over again.  The openness of the Android Market is what has made it so strong.  The simple development process (I can go to a single webpage that explains from start to finish how to get up and developing) is why they have so many apps.  I have more than enough information on the API’s, tutorials, examples etc... in one spot on the manufacturers website to develop most anything.

To setup a development environment for Blackberry is stupid confusing.  The documentation is fragmented beyond belief.  Give me a single page explaining how to setup a development environment from start to finish.  

The emulator is buggie.  While it is an emulator, you can expect not everything to work but it should at least consistently not work.  Just basic functionality such as hello world is hit or miss.  Click it this time it opens.  Click it again and it starts to open but your returned back to the home screen.  Just simply setting up the emulator is again fragmented and new users will fail over and over due to missing information requiring lots of research somewhere other than the original manufacturers site on how best to setup the emulator for best results (2 Cores thing in VMWare).

The online conversion for Android to BAR was a nice touch and a step in the right direction but even that created problems.  While this took a lot of the process and automated it as it should be, this still leaves a new developer not knowing valuable information about the keystore/signing keys/testing/debugging/transfering etc...  

Debugging apps on the blackberry or emulator.  Again fragmented documentation and better information is found outside of RIM on how this is accomplished.  Mind you it is going to take quite a bit of research on how best to setup your environment to be able to debug an app.

Vendor setup and app submission process is worse than my personal tax returns.  After having gone through this from start to finish and coming from Android, hindsight 20/20, keep the free playbook, it just isn’t worth the time and energy spent to convert a Android app, submit it and received the “free” playbook.  

Vendor setup was time consuming and overboard.  A picture ID, really?  What does that do for RIM?  This process alone took many days from submission to acceptance.

Code signing registration...  This again should be instant.  What exactly takes RIM hours to generate a signing key?

App submission...  You made the call for developers to submit apps.  You pleaded w/us to submit apps.  You enticed us with free playbooks if we only submit apps.  Then you take a month to approve the app.  Really?  A month.  While I am all for keeping “app world” clean, do this on your own time.  I can submit an app to the Android market and instantly its on the market.  If I turn out to be a hacker/virus writer etc... you have everything but my first born inside my vendor registration to blacklist or prosecute me.  You deny app submissions for internal reasons leaving the developers to figure out what exactly they were denied for and how to correct the issue.  I can submit a app with a puppy pooping rainbows and get approved but mention android, have a icon that to androidy and your denied.  Mind you, your riding the success of Android and using the Android name to entice developers.

BTW I received my “free” playbook a couple of weeks ago.  I am still waiting for the shipping tracking numbers.

In closing I released two free converted android apps to app world successfully.  The first app which was already developed and no changes needed to be made code wise to submit took right a month from start to finish to get through the gears at RIM and onto app world on the first try.  The third app was denied because the custom icon was to androidy (not the default android icon mind you just looked to androidy).  At this point I removed all my apps and currently swimming away from the sinking ship.  I started this venture looking at it as just another way to gain exposure since most of what I release are free apps.  I ended this process with a free playbook which is no longer needed and a lot of wasted time, energy and frustration.  Good luck on your continued ride to the bottom.  I hope RIM gets the ship upright or the sale comes quickly before the entire image is trashed if it already has not been.

For those working within RIM, I sincerely feel sorry for you.  If it looks this bad from the outside, it has to be rotten from the inside.  I bet your processes change on a daily bases on how stuff works and is handled internally.  You have to be ignored from upper management because I can think of no developer I have ever worked with creating such a mess.  It must have taken multiple upper managers much manpower to create this big of a fiasco.  Guessing but it looks more like the to many chiefs syndrome.

Good luck everyone

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Re: A journey to the bottom.

Interesting but so wrong.


A colleague of mine told me selling his game (Twinoo) on App World is a big bang compared to iOS and Android.



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Re: A journey to the bottom.

To the OP:

  I can see your frustration, but there are some points that you missed.

  • RIM is not Google, the resources and man-power are different (Been realistic, not looking down on RIM,) you can’t seriously expect them to behave identical.
  • The Playbook specs are much better than the ones within the same price range ($200.00USD) currently mainstream (Nook, Kindle, Cruze, and so on).
  • RIM is doing one thing right here, quality over quantity. THEY are making sure that the apps in their market work as they are supposed to, what is the point of having hundreds of thousands of applications that either took 5 minutes to create, or simply don’t work as they are supposed. Granted that not all the apps in the Google market are garbage, but a great amount are.
  • I was glad that RIM asked me to prove my identity, been a consumer as well, the last thing I really want is to purchase an application that can compromise my personal information from dubious programmers.
  • With several thousands of apps submitted for the Free Playbook offer, and the testing of those applications (They do have a strict guidelines of whose applications qualify for the free playbook, and approving an App doesn’t mean that it will qualify for the Playbook); it is more than logical that it will create a backlog, and the application process can take several days, or even weeks. Again RIM is not Google.
  • I haven’t ever seen any emulator bug-free, on any platform.

No personal attacks are intended, just my point of view.

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Re: A journey to the bottom.

I totally agree with OP. This was a TOTAL waste of time.


This was my journey in crackberry land:

My first application(free):

  1. Feb. 03 - signed up for vendor account
  2. Feb. 06 - account approved after providing ID
  3. Feb. 06 - submitted first application
  4. Feb. 13 - application denied because it was not signed. REALLY? So you can check everything from a bar file but you cannot check automatically if an application is signed or not?
  5. Feb. 13 - resubmitted the application with a different name. OH YEAH!!! Because now PACKAGE ID is different.
  6. Mar. 07 - created ticket on support to see why is taking so long
  7. Mar. 09 - got some standard response about how the process is taking normally 8-10 business days bla bla bla
  8. Mar. 13 - celebrating a MONTH since originally submitted and still no other response than "waiting on test house"

Because everything was working so smooth with the first submission I created a game:

  1. Feb. 26 - initial release
  2. Mar. 06 - Denied because problems with opengl textures (my bad - different opengl extensions on emulator than playbook but basically a bug)
  3. Mar. 06 - Fixed problem and resubmitted
  4. Mar. 13 - Ticket still on "New" - not even "Waiting on test house"