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Blackberry Link sync failure - Q10 and Outlook 2010

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I have a new Q10 that I have successfully been synchronizing with my Outlook 2010 calendar and contacts. But just last week, I've started getting a sync failure that I can't seem to resolve.


The failure message says that it can't sync a particular meeting; it says to remove the meeting and try again.


Here's the problem: first, it doesn't say whether the problem meeting is on the Outlook side or the phone side (that's just crappy problem reporting), but what's worse is that I can't find the meeting it's having trouble with on either Outlook or the phone. It gives the name and date of the problem meeting, but there is no meeting of that name on that date.


The meeting it mentions is a recurring meeting series, and there are exceptions. Those exceptions may have a different name or a different date than the original series. I don't know if that's the issue, but eliminating the entire series is not an option (and shouldn't be required). This hasn't been a problem until now, so I know it's handled it correctly before. Even so, in case it was somehow getting confused between the original series name and the particular instance name on that date, I created a new meeting with the same name and eliminated the occurrence of the recurring meeting on that date on the Outlook side. There was nothing like that to remove on the phone side, so I left that alone.


Still won't sync; still points to this meeting that I can't find.


I have set it to one-way sync Outlook-to-phone; doesn't help.


I have uninstalled and reinstalled Blackberry Link; doesn't help.


What's particularly galling is that it won't sync everything else but this, and this phantom meeting is in the past. So until this gets solved, I can't sync anything in the calendar. (If I disable calendar syncing, then I can sync contacts OK.)


Any ideas? Hoping someone from BB sees this (support for the programs like Link seems minimal at best...)




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Re: Blackberry Link sync failure - Q10 and Outlook 2010

Hello Byron,


Sorry to hear you're having an issue with syncing your Calendar.


To better analyze this issue, device logs will need to be reviewed by BlackBerry Technical support.


Contact your mobile service provider's technical support team and ask for a support incident to be opened with BlackBerry so this log revision can be done. 


Thanks and let us know if you have any further questions. 



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Registered: ‎10-29-2010
My Device: Q10
My Carrier: Verizon

Re: Blackberry Link sync failure - Q10 and Outlook 2010

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After about 3 hours escalating through Verizon first and second level and then BB first and second level, I got to someone that could help walk through the problem. This indeed is related to an exception to the recurring meeting, although exactly why is still not clear.


The date and name of the offending item were not being reported correctly. BB Link was reporting the original date and name of the original meeting series; both had been changed for that specific instance of the recurring meeting, so it was pointing me to the wrong date. Even if you got to the right date, the name was still being reported wrong. I asked that a bug report reflect that the error reporting needs to provide the specific instance name and date, not the generic series original name and orignal date.


Fortunately, I had a clue as to which instance had originally been on the reported date (turned out to be the next day), so I replicated that instance to create a new meeting and deleted the problem instance of the recurring meeting - and we finally got past that one. Turns out there was a second one - same thing, reporting the wrong name and date, but I was able to figure out which one it was and replicate/delete and then everything synched properly.


So there was something about those two instances that BB Link couldn't handle. We then spent time trying to recreate the problem - taking other instances of that same recurring meeting and renaming and moving them to different dates and we were unable to replicate the problem.


So for the moment, everything is working; we're just not quite sure why.


In addition to the reporting bug, the other problem is that, once BB Link finds an issue, it just stops. There might be a thousand items to synch and it has a problem with one, and rather than synching 999 of them and reporting the issue with the one, it just stops and synchs nothing. This isn't good behavior; I'm hoping BB can change that too in the future. (Apparently there's some technical reason for this, since it's been requested before, but that technical reason ultimately needs to be fixed or changed since this is not great behavior.)


I'll be keeping an eye out to see if this happens again so that maybe we can figure out how to stop this from happening in future.