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Link and Mac Sync Issues

Day 2 with my Q10 and now that I have Exchange sync issues worked out from yesterday, I have stumbled into a new issue today. I have the latest version of BlackBerry Link installed on my iMac running the latest version of Mountain Lion. The first issue I encounter has to do with signing in to my BlackBerry ID. When I sign in via Link, after about a minute of waiting, I am presented a warning message that says that there are no BlackBerry 10 devices associated with my ID. That is, of course, incorrect as I have my Q10 associated with my ID. I have even purchased an app via BlackBerry World on my device, so I know without a doubt that my ID is connected to my Q10.


Nevertheless, the bigger issue is that no matter what I do, the Q10 and my Mac will not sync even though Link suggests that it is. For example, I have two photos on my Q10 that I took with the camera. Link shows those photos and indicates that they are synced with my Mac. However, they are nowhere to be found. I can't locate them via Finder, and I can't locate them in iPhoto (the destination Link says it uses for photos). So where are they?


Related, I right-click on some music on my Mac and select "Sync to BlackBerry." The tab at the bottom of the Link window for my device shows a spinner, and there is a message above the tab that indicates that the sync is preparing. This message remains on screen for several minutes (even when I am syncing one MP3 as a test). After several minutes, the message indicates that the sync is finished. If I click on that message, I am presented with a larger message that indicates that the sync is finished, and that "No additional files were copied to the BlackBerry."


If I then look at the BlackBerry via Link, I see the MP3 file I copied show up under Music. However, when I look for the file on the device itself, it isn't there. When I start the music app, it indicates that there is no music. When I browse the device via the file manager, the MP3 files doesn't exist. So why does Link indicate that the file is on my device when it isn't?


This really shouldn't be so difficult. Anyone out there have any ideas? While I want Link to work as it is designed, I would be willing to try manually dragging files onto the device. However, there is no option for a file storage mode on the device, only "Automatic," Connect to Windows," and "Connect to Mac."

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Re: Link and Mac Sync Issues

Hi ifonline,


As a test turn on USB Mass Storage Mode on the BlackBerry smartphone, then access the Media card from the Mac to see if you can locate the MP3 files.


How to turn on USB Mass Storage Mode using BlackBerry 10



If you can locate the file, what is the full file format? Is the file copy protected?





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My Device: BlackBerry Q10
My Carrier: Verizon Wireless

Re: Link and Mac Sync Issues

Thanks for your reply. I tired everything I could, including USB mass storage mode. The files were nowhere to be found on the Q10. However, there were bigger issues to deal with:


- Reading or deleting an e-mail on the Q10 doesn't register as read or deleted on other devices connected to the same e-mail account (IMAP) until the polling interval on the Q10 is met. Read and delete status should not be dependent on the polling interval and should be instantly pushed back to the server.

- Exchange notes sync with Exchange hosts that use load balancing causes the Q10 to repeatedly disconnect and reconnect to Exchange, thereby hammering the Q10's ability to work properly and smoothly.

- The music player will find any and all media files anywhere on the device and/or media card and will merge them in the app. In other words, I have all of my MP3s mixed into the same list as all of my custom ringtones. Not acceptable. I don't want or need ringtones to appear in my music player. That doesn't even make sense to me.

- Facebook would download all of my Facebook contacts despite the fact that I never explicitly wanted this to happen. No matter what I did, Facebook downloaded contacts and, once on the phone, really bogged down searching for contacts. Twitter and LinkedIn are, unfortunately, the same.

- The phone doesn't switch profiles based on in or out of hoster states.

- The phone doesn't automatically enter bedside mode when plugged in.

- The phone would randomly indicate that I needed to use the OEM charger even when I WAS using the OEM charger.

- The phone would insert a "\" in front of commas in contact fields.

- Restoring the OS via BlackBerry Link (on a different computer that the one referenced in my first post) caused the Q10 OS to downgrade from 2038 to 2009, and checking for an updated version via the phone resulted in a message that the phone was up to date.


The list goes on, but suffice it to say that as much as I wanted to use the Q10, I just couldn't. Perhaps BlackBerry will get the Q10 to a place where it should have been on release, but I don't buy items with the hopes that one day it will become something other than it is at the time I bought it. Besides, just look at the PlayBook <-> BBOS 10 history to see what should be expected of BlackBerry's future promises.


Anyway... thanks again, but at this time the Q10 isn't going to work for me.

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Re: Link and Mac Sync Issues

[ Edited ]

I don't have most of the issues that you experienced. I am using on the device, and on my OS X, running with Mountain Lion. 


But I only use Blackberry Link to sync music and videos


- I can choose which music files on iTunes to sync by right-clicking and manually picking out the files on my Mac's  music tab.


- Exchange contacts and calendars should be synced through Exchange Server (via Active Sync)


- Yes, syncing documents is a problem, especially if you have GBs of files. So, I used Sync Folders Pro (a 3rd party app), and make sure that hidden files "._" are not copied from the Mac. The hidden files messed things up in Blackberry Link.


Good luck!