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Ooh Blackberry Link, why do you so vex me?

Getting nowhere very quick with Blackberry Link!

I have Soluto on my computer which keeps an eye on whats happening with my computer, and every time Link starts I have a 'Soluto angel' popping up about 30 seconds after the Link window has appeared saying that Blackberry Link has crashed - strangely though, the Link window is still visible, so I presume that there must be a 'module' within Link that is having problems. Sometimes I have another 'Soluto angel' pop up telling me that Blackberry Link Helper has crashed too.




Then I have the interesting case of little or no music despite having a large collection of music on my computer. Sometimes, if I have Windows Media Player as the set-up, it tells me I have 2000+ (can't remember the exact total), earlier today it told me that I have none, and now after restarting a few times it tells me that I have 11
If I have iTunes as the set-up it tells me that I have 80, which seems to be the same number and problem with many other users.

Then I get the impression that I ought to be able to select a folder for where some of my music is collected - but I can't see any way of selecting this from within Link. So, if I have different folders within My Music and I don't want to sync **thousand music files, I might then just want to have one or two separate folders selected that contain the key music that I'd like to have on my mobile. I guess that my way around this is to create a special playlist that is then draggedto my mobile or to sort out a selection on my computer and paste them into the Z10 music folder.
Also I notice that I should be able to select additional Pictures libraries, yet the drop down box which can be seen in info about Link and in some internet images is not available in my Link. Link tells me that it has found over 10000 images on the computer, yet I would just want it to link to a few key folders - this saves Link having to search and update, it makes it easier for me within the computer's Link to visually search, locate and then drag to my mobile the images that I might want for a particular project.
So if we all have these vast databases of music, photos and data, that Link is having to trawl through, often unnecessarily, is this part of the problem that Link is having? I don't need it to find and sync every folder and file, but I do need it to quickly and easily find the far smaller number of files and folders that I need when heading out and about with my work.

Some screenshots on the web seem to imply that additional folders can be linked to during the installation process for Link - now that option wasn't visible to me so perhaps a reinstallation of Link will be my next test to see if I can find that option. I had BB Desktop previously, but thoroughly uninstalled and even ended up going into Registry to remove all BB references, to try to remove all potential problems - somehow, I think from reading all the other users having similar problems, reinstallation will not cure my woes! But . . .

And we all know about the lack of direct sync with Outlook, with the need for calendar updates being a great miss for me, but in theory we are meant to rush off to the 'cloud' and use Outlook.com . . . but as with a few other companies who want us to use the cloud, it does have some issues and also puts us into the loop of being charged for data storage and an annual service contract. A direct link to Outlook on my computer gives me back choice, security (some may question which is more secure) and its totally free once you've bought the software.


And my final bugbear - backup. Does it really need to take so long to backup less than 3Gb of data? Its about 1% per minute, so over I guess it could be taking 1½ hours in all!