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Sync BB10 with Outlook contacts and agenda

Until now have not been able to find anywhere if BB10 can be synched by USB cable (or other way) direct with Microsoft Outlook  Agenda and address book (like with the desktop version of BB7) ?


So please let me know if possible again or if not what other solution is there ?


Thx and rgds,


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Re: Sync BB10 with Outlook contacts and agenda


For phones, the BlackBerry Link now only has four modules:

  • migrate from a BlackBerry OS5/6/7 smartphone to a BlackBerry 10 phone
  • backup/restore data for a BlackBerry 10 phone
  • synchronize data for music/audio/video/document files
  • BES configuration for devices linked to a BES server (Microsoft Exchange or Lotus Domino).


Indeed currently the BlackBerry Link does not work with Outlook at all, and does not allow synchronization with text files for contacts on contrary to the Desktop Software.


The Desktop Software cannot work with the Z10.




Now for your direct issue: my understanding is that to put calendar & contacts information on a Z10, you can:

  • either type it manually in the Z10
  • or restore from a prior Z10 backup
  • or synchronize on the cloud (ie migrate your calendar and contacts to an online mail provider like outlook.com , GMail or Yahoo).

The search box on top-right of this page is your true friend, and the public Knowledge Base too:
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Re: Sync BB10 with Outlook contacts and agenda

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Re: Sync BB10 with Outlook contacts and agenda

BB has stated the feature will come sometime this year. I can tell you all the sync options via google or outlook.com work but are not ideal solutions for my needs, However they do work well. good luck and feel free to message me if you need help. I have wasted alot of time on this.

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Re: Sync BB10 with Outlook contacts and agenda

As per to agenda I haven't tried, but for the contacts the best way I found is to export my contacts from my 9900 using BB desktop software as windows contacts. Then I exported them to .vcf format and from my computer using bluetooth transferred them to my BB 10Z. I have transferred 1650 contacts all together not one by one. It takes sometime for BB to receive them ofcourse but you can use your phone without interruption during the process.


I hope this will be helpful.

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Re: Sync BB10 with Outlook contacts and agenda

Being able to wire sync handheld device with Outlook was BB's biggest advantage. Without this function, this die hard loyal BB use/fan (who has also "scolded" all friends, students, and international business collaborators for not being loyal to our Waterloo city's great invention) is going to lose faith in BB. I will run into a lot of problems not being able to sync daily changes in Outlook easily. A lot of business users add/delete contacts, tasks, memo, calendar daily. Not having this function is a huge step backwards for BB! I have pre-ordered the Q10, however, I am not going to purchase it until BB re-instate the Outlook sync. This is critical for business users, you true supporters, and your main weapon to win over other smart phone biz users. Please have Outlook sync back ASAP. Thank you

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Re: Sync BB10 with Outlook contacts and agenda

you are 100%righ. Unfortunately, I bought Z10 already, spending an hell of time for many issue which is unbelivable can happen on such device (syncro via active sync is max 30 days, contact sync via active sync mix field and do not import all of them). than this last surpise....whathell are you doing? Dear blackberry team, do something and do if fast: the illusion to have the best device is going to disappear a s fast as users will reaalize what they bought! Except for the one who can be satisfyed with touch, menu and apps (?) only, bussiness users need at least same performance they are used to have with previous OS. I always update my devices with blind eyes and motivated trust in RIM , this time it has a big, big, big mistake. so sad
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Re: Sync BB10 with Outlook contacts and agenda

This is a huge problem, agreed. I have gone, in a few hours, from having fun with my new Q10 to wondering how the heck I am going to keep my datebook straight.; Could be a real nightmare. Surely this can't be a great hurdle for RIM? My Bold happily synced daily for years.
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Re: Sync BB10 with Outlook contacts and agenda

This is a BIG problem.  I just bought a Z10 thinking that it would be seamless as my previous BBerry experience was...  What a mistake!  I am going to go crazy not being able to synch my calender and contacts on a daily basis... 


I am also having issues with the Link software not being able to find my iTunes library.  They dont seem to have a solution for this either.   


Unfortunately I sold my iPhone back to telus to get this z10...  now I am wondering if I have made a mistake.  the iPhone was frustrating, but it did keep things in synch between the device, home and office. 



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Re: Sync BB10 with Outlook contacts and agenda

Hell people at RIM really did a bad job with the contact list thingy and sync.

The only way to delete 100s of contacts off is by reseting. Using the selection delete will take really long period and you may not minize of do anything but to let it complete it task or else it will stay on forever. Other than the fb contact issue, recently I'm getting the same problem with Skype when contacts from my Skype also appearing in my contact book. I end up with over 2000+ contacts in my list now!


I also experienced another problem with my Z10 while transfering contacts via BB Link, do not disconnect it. Because I did that a few times and majority of my contact list now are all cross linked and multiple contacts overlapping each other.

I won't see myself using my Z10 not until they fine tune this phone or I'll just trade it off. Don't get me wrong the phone is wonderful in many ways but for my daily work use, it's either screwing up me or making me spend additional time double checking the phone number or email that I'm sending to.