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BUGS and FEATURES REQUESTED. Please add to it.

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I've been using the z10 for the past couple weeks and wanted to start a thread of comprehensive Bugs and Features Requested.


I've labeled Bugs by letters (A,B,C...) and Features Requested by numbers (1, 2, 3...) so that others can add sequentially.


(Not listed in any particular order)


(A.) Contact App adds current date as birthday. When I edit my contact, the current date gets listed as the birthday in local contact.

(B.) Duplicate telephone numbers listed. Telephone numbers show up twice in my Contacts (e.g.., if I have the contact's cell saved in (000) 123-4567 format and the person has the number listed in Facebook, I get a duplicate entry of +10001234567).

(C.) Telephone numbers and emails are not actionable in Web pages. In webpages, I can't click on telephone number to call (e.g., I look up a phone number for a restaurant). I should be able to easily call or copy into the Phone App or E-mail App.

(D.) Auto capitulation for words on the word substitution list is wrong. For example, when the word substitution contains more than one word. I have "ru" change to "are you" but if the first letter is capitalized (R) then both words become capitalized words (Are You). I used to have shortcuts like "mysig" to create email signatures with legal disclaimers but I can't do that now.

(E.) Backspace delete doesn't work consistently. The Shift+Delete function seems only to work after moving the cursor. This feature is the Alt+Del action to delete words after the cursor.

(F.) All Emoticons do not list. Emoticons do not all fit on the the two screens (lists) of emoticons. I.e., two columns are missing from view and can be seen when sliding (swiping) between the lists. Also, sometimes when I select an emoticon, it doesn't correspond with the picture of the one I intended. I believe this error is related. As a separate note, there should be a way to see the underlying symbols of the emoticon. (Often times, other people don't have BlackBerrys so I'd like to know what symbols would be sent--my prior 9800 would show the characters as i scrolled through them).

(G.) BlackBerry keyboard doesn't always work in input fields. E.g., certain Web pages. (I found a work around; two finger swipe up from the bottom makes the keyboard appear)

(H.) Sent messages stay unread. This seems to be an issue when an app sends an email (e.g., share article). The email with the sent indicator (checkmark) stays bold and I have listed 1 unread email. I can't mark as read/unread but if I delete the sent email, my unread message gets cleared.

(I.) Contact already added but I get the option to add instead of view contact. For some contacts, I get the option to add to contacts in the action menu cascade when that person is already in my address book. This bug is for emails and text messages.

(J.) Cannot call from text message. When I hold a text message and select call under the action menu cascade, the OS opens up the phone app but doesn't call.

(K.) Composing messages by name. When composting messages, the input must be by first, middle and last name. It should be, instead, by string and include nickname. E.g., if the person's name is "Andrew B. Cameron" I must type the name in as such. I can't type in "Andrew Cameron" or "Andy Cameron."


Features Requested and Suggestions for Improved User Experience

(In no particular order)


1)      Option to reply in different ways from the Call List. Be able to select a name in a call list and have options to call, text or email the person. The action menu allows calls to other numbers but I can't choose to text or email the contact instead. Sometimes, I missed a call and want to reply via text because I’m not able to talk. (Long hold on the Torch 9800 trackpad button brought up the action menu allowing me to call, text, view history, add to speed dial, e-mail, delete, etc.)


2)      Option to reply in different ways from the Hub. Related to above, when selecting an item in the hub, have the option to contact the sender or caller with multiple different ways.


3)      Only show number once in contacts application. Tap on the number to bring up the "action" cascade menu with options to call or text the number. Why is the same number listed twice (once to call and below again to text it)?


4)      Timestamps for individual text messages. I can't tell exact time on individual text message if it comes in near the time of another text. All messages are in one "bubble."


5)      Ability to select MMS or text for a message. Sometimes I write a text longer than 160 characters and I prefer it to be sent in one message (i.e., MMS mode) rather than being broken into one or more standard text messages. I had this ability with my 9800.


6)      Send button should be moved for text messages!!! Why the heck is it right underneath the delete button?!? Or next to the period button? I often times have accidentally hit send when composing text. It's very annoying and embarrassing. (Also, what happened to the ability to hit enter for a return carriage to next line?)


7)      Bigger magnifying glass. My finger is often over the area I need to place the cursor. I find it difficult and erratic to place the cursor.


8)      Select all option. Add the option to select all text in action menu cascade.


9)      E-mail recipients and message headers. Difficult to tell if you are one of many email recipients. Can we have a way to pull the email down to see the list of recipients rather than have to click to expand the header info? I know this request is a little picky, but that's how it was done in the previous BlackBerry OS which I preferred; it is easier and faster to pull the e-mail down and 'peek' to see which e-mail box received the message, message status, from and to fields. This change would be consistent with BB's flow/peek rather than click.


10)   Browser navigation. Hold down back arrow to get a list of recently visited websites similar to a desktop browser.


11)   Dark/Night mode. A night mode (maybe in the drop down menu) to change all the white and bright backgrounds to black or dark which would be helpful when reading/viewing things at night in bed/etc.


12)   Number of contacts. Ability to see how many contacts I have.


13)   What happened to groups or categories? I'd like to have back the ability to filter or see categories and also a way to contact everyone in a category. E.g., family or friends or coworkers, etc.


14)   Shutter sound mute. I was at a wedding and wanted to take pictures during the ceremony but the shutter would was too loud.


15)   East Asian Language Input. I bought my parents two Samsung Galaxy S3 phones over the weekend because they need Korean input (and the Kakao talk app). (BTW, S3 is a great phone but I prefer the Z10 after having the weekend to use the Android phones).


16)   Ability to freely place icons on the homesreen. Currently, icons are forced top left-right-to-bottom. I prefer to space my icons out.


17)   Add a contact to the homescreen. I'd like to place a shortcut (similar to a Webpage) to the homescreen for a contact which will open up the contact. Android allows this feature and so did my previous 9800.


18)   Search Contacts by nickname. The contacts app doesn't allow me to search by, e.g., Andy, even if I have that as my contact's nickname. The previous OS allowed this type of search which was very helpful.



Finally, as a note, I've been using the BlackBerry Z10 for the past 2 weeks and it's a great platform. I just bought two Samsung Galaxy S3 phones over the weekend for my parents so they could use the Korean language input and related features so I spent a lot of time with the Android platform, setting it up and teaching them how to use it. The S3 is a great phone too.

I prefer, however, the way BlackBerry has done their OS 10 and the integrated management of messages.
It's too bad that BB doesn't have Korean input and apps like Kakao Talk or I would have considered it for them.

The BlackBerry 10 is a great platform and I look forward to the continual improvements that will only make the experience better.




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Re: BUGS and FEATURES REQUESTED. Please add to it.

This is a great post.
I couldn't have written it myself better.

I'm also in dying need of Korean input as I can't communicate with my Korean friends.
But I second every point.

I hope the tech teams are reading this.
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Re: BUGS and FEATURES REQUESTED. Please add to it.

Yes, I hope they add East Asian language but I am afraid they won't unless (until) BB 10 is a big success. BBRY pulled out of Japan and I beleive also Korea. Smiley Sad