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BlackBerry 10 problems with Telia Sweden

Hello BlackBerry, 


This guy created a topic but never got a reply:




Every BlackBerry 10 user in Sweden cannot use Telia's network (the biggest one and fastest 4G network als the First one in the world i think).


The problem is that telia says we don't support BlackBerry Service, and that telia don't want to spent money to install a special server so BlackBerry 10 phones can be used on their network, because they don't sell or support BlackBerry.



When BlackBerry 10 came out the idea about it was that is should work on all networks without needing spcial services or internet connection or anything else in that matter, just a normal data plan.



The problem is that we (me and a lot other blackberry users) use telia because of their good internet services.

But when i comes down to real internet we do not get our trusted blackberry logo on the top of the screen, and BBM does not work, when you enable wifi it works without any problem, even when you use telia internet connection.



I went to the telia store a few times, the guy in the store tried his iphone simcard and it did not work, he connected to the store's wifi and it worked.



The problem is that telia is the biggest network in the nordic countries (Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway) and BlackBerry support is nowhere to be found, i can understand when we are talking about BlackBerry 7 devices, but how about BlackBerry 10 devices that does not work.



In the other topic the guy said that telia said it need to be fixed in the next update?



I tried the following versions:








and now im running:



When i insert the telia simcard i will not have a BB logo on top, no connection to BBM Server.

When i enable wifi, everyting works.


Voice / Video works also without wifi, channels also, it's the normal typing that does not work.





Not to be mean, but what happens when BBM is going to android and ios? will telia users not be able to use BBM because it doesn't work at the moment with a real BlackBerry Phone.




Can someone from BlackBerry please contact telia because Sweden getting more and more BlackBerry 10 users, but everyone thinks.. oh it does not work with telia, i will guy an iPhone or something.





Someone on crackberry said that blackberry send last year an request to remove all restrictions for normal data plan, telia sweden did not do this.







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Re: BlackBerry 10 problems with Telia Sweden

Hello Asmooh


Sorry to hear about your issue. 


Try registering your device on the mobile network and then test again to see if you have the same issue. 


How to register a BlackBerry smartphone with the wireless network





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Re: BlackBerry 10 problems with Telia Sweden


Been there done that, it says: registered but it does not work at all, we tried everything (i'm not the only person with this issue).

Come people contacted telia and they cannot really answer the question, they keep saying that telia need to install special servers to make our BlackBerry 10 phones work on their network, and they don't feel like doing this because they don't sell or support BlackBerry.

Telia tells us to contact BlackBerry, BlackBerry tells us that it should work with every provider and point us back to Telia, Telia keep saying that they don't know and it should work.

Whatever we do, we keep walking in circles with this issue.

I don't know if its allowed but this is the topic on CrackBerry about this matter. http://forums.crackberry.com/blackberry-10-os-f269/i-believe-bbry-lying-about-not-needing-special-se...

The changes done and tested by me:

- Reboot (otherwise i cannot change simcard)
- Change apk
- register
- change settings to manual network / auto network
- change 2g,3g,4g settings

nothing works
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Re: BlackBerry 10 problems with Telia Sweden

[ Edited ]

I cracked the problem, but BlackBerry is the only one that can fix this:



Okay i did the following, i shared my Telia connection to my computer.


My Computer created a wifi hotspot from that connection and i connected an other BlackBerry to my Computer's hotspot.


Basiclly that phone is connected to my own Mobile telia connection.


And BBM and everything work without issue, but when i connect direct from my BlackBerry to telia it does not work. So this means that BlackBerry handles Wi-Fi data different than regular data.



See screenshots below


This is me and my BBM.. it sends and as you can see i also have a BB logo on top this is my blackberry (the one that shares the connection) This is the same chat open Message did not arrive at my place, it did when i connected to wifi. So now we know this, it means that the problem is somewhere else.

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Re: BlackBerry 10 problems with Telia Sweden

i did something else.


I have 2 Z10's laying around as mention above.


When i share the connection from Z10 number 1 (that does not have a working BBM) with my other Z10 using mobile hotspot, the second Z10 does get BBM, even when the first one does not.



What is the problem?


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Re: BlackBerry 10 problems with Telia Sweden

I hear this has been corrected at last.