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Re: BlackBerry forum: Does BB 10 fit the bill?

Sorry, I don't use Outlook but I've seen it mentioned on the forum in many threads. I have a 3 year contract with Bell. But, in hind sight I should have just bought the phone outright. Probably would have been cheaper in the long run. It is an awesome phone and I can see myself with it for more than three years. Good luck.
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Re: BlackBerry forum: Does BB 10 fit the bill?

toddmmmmmmmmm, AYC2112,

Thanks again for the anecdotes.

About how well smartphones age, I might be acclimatized to age-suffering devices.  I'm normally a technological throwback -- still kicking the 1st generation iPod Touch to do what it can (actually, it's kicking me).  For just personal information management, it's OK but you must be very, very patient.  For web activities, the majority of the sites work.  The OS has not been upgradeable on this device for years.

However, I suspect that for less hamstrung web access (i.e. on any smartphone these days), you cannot afford to fall behind too much on upgrades.  It's kind of curious, though, how two effects can cancel each other out.  When a platform gets too old to upgrade, it starts to get hamstrung, but also seemingly less vulnerable to crapware (by which I mean malware, spamware, and inane-ware).  Apparently, the very process of being unable to upgrade makes those upgrades less necessary.  So it seems from ye olde iPod Touch.  Admittedly, it may not be the more representative example because back in those days, people probably hadn't started targeting crapware toward smartphones.  These days, I don't know -- maybe they *still* don't target crapware toward smartphones.  If they do, however, they probably don't target the 1st gen iPod Touch!

Anyway, that's just an uninformed take on the need to keep pace with relentless upgrades, from yours truly, an unsavy smartphone owner-to-be.

Sad to hear that syncing over USB is a rough ride.  I'm currently using the iTunes app on the PC to sync the iPod Touch to Outlook over USB.  It too is bloated, slow, unreliable, and user-hostile.  Then again, I am told that my standards are unreasonably high, being spoiled in the past by Palm.

About wrinkles in the Z10 that you describe, I guess they will be more real when I start using it.

About these 3-year contracts, I have yet to shop around for the details, but my recollection of past conversations is that you pay for the remainder of the phone if you don't complete the contract.  Not a biggy, but if I buy a phone outside of a contract, it would be to avoid getting a phone from the service provider altogether.  To avoid strange-ware altogether.  I don't want to find years later that it came with a resident key logger, but not to worry because no information is retained and/or sent to evil organizations. (Never happens, I know).