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Custom Email/notification Profile

I know this has been mentioned in another post.. but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE blackberry get this back in there... never in a million years would I have thought you would strip that service away... We all have several email accounts, facebook, bbm etc etc that all funnel though or bbs.  Not to mention people that are on call and receive email page out's  for work... before you were able to silent email accounts that were not so important.. or assign a specific ring/song to email after hour pages for emergencies... to ensure that you knew it was important.... Having a blanket notification setting for all accounts in your hub is a brutal oversight.......  Hopefully blackberry reviews these forums and sees that this is something that needs to be fixed in a software update....  Love love love the new phone... so many cudos to give... but this is a huge issue for me anyway and likely very annoying oversight for others.....NEED CUSTOMIZATION OPTION FOR ALL ACOUNTS, EMAILS, FACEBOOK ETC ETC......


Blackberry please come through for us!!!

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Re: Custom Email/notification Profile

Agreed.  All they have to do is provide the same functionality that was in OS 7.1 and it would essentially be perfect.  Now, it is pretty much the same as every other platform or less so. 


I know it is a new OS and all but its not like they had to 'come up' with how to do notifications and they started there.  All they have to do is copy themselves and they would be better than everyone else.


It's got to be on their development plan... so it is just a question of when.


I am really anxious to see what will be in OS 10.1 which will hopefully be out before the end of the month.


I guess that is the price to being essentially a beta tester for the phone.

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Re: Custom Email/notification Profile

Totally agree with everything ! I love the new OS but....please come back with all notification feature for the old OS (such custom song for different contact (email, phone, sms, etc..), create new notification profil, custom song for every thing ! )


The older OS was giver the possibility to know who textting/calling you before you see the screen and no more on this OS....


Please come back with all custom notification feature !

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Re: Custom Email/notification Profile

I 100% agree with all the above.



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Re: Custom Email/notification Profile

Any progress with this issue?
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Re: Custom Email/notification Profile

When will RIM put back the customization feature?


I can't wait...!