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Direct call from the Hub & No way to View Call Log (duration ...)

Is it only me, or if the direct call from the Hub is annoying ?


When working in the hub, it is common that I inadvertently quick click on a previous phone call listed in the hub ...and then  !?!?!    I have to Rush Out to CANCEL that unwanted call.


As it was on previous BB OS version (under Message),  this should first open the related call log (start time, duration....), and then from there allow me to contact the person.   not directly   (which is quite inconsistent comparing the number of steps required to deleted items there).



Now I did not found any way to know how long I have spent time on a phone call  ...Other then side noting it, all I have now it the start time.  Which is not goods for consultant like me that invoicing are time base related.




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Re: Direct call from the Hub & No way to View Call Log (duration ...)

Hey DStLouis,

Welcome to the BlackBerry Support Community Forums.


Thanks for the post.


To find the duration of all your calls, go into the phone call application and press and hold the phone number and you will see 4 options appear on the right side and choose view call details and it will give you the duration of the call.


Let me know if you have any more questions.





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Registered: ‎02-25-2013
My Device: Blackberry Z10
My Carrier: Bell

Re: Direct call from the Hub & No way to View Call Log (duration ...)

Thank ViciousFerret,  for the answer ...


Yes you could go the the Phone Apps, find the wanted phone call

...But that's a pain to get it,


 When your are in that detailled screen ("i") we dont have all the information that may be needed;

-  It only show the duration of every related calls, (and options to call or text the contact)

- We have availiable only the time of the last call (groupe call log)

- Did not see any place where I could know when were the first calls.  Even when returning to the hub and switching to Item list vs Conversion mode) 



The way I'm seeying the OS10 is that the Hub is somehow a global centralized message/communication center;  where it provide you all historical thread of communications you have done and received.  From there you have a direct access to any informations about incoming/outgoing email, texto, Facebook/Linked/Twitter messages, BB notifications ...except details of phone calls listed in there.


The way I see it it should have been a lot more consistent and practical to access the phone call details from the hub.  The first click to show all the call details ...which screen provide a direct acces to call back the contact.


For me it is also a pain to get a direct phone call when clicking a logged phone call in the hub.  It append often that I inardvertently click on a phone call log in the hub ...and then I got to Rush to cancelled this unwanted call.  Phone call log is the only item that did that one step from the hub.


??? Is there any way to transfer the Hub log to Outlook Journal ???   This should definityvely be my prefered way to get the information neeeded.