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Posts: 11
Registered: ‎03-11-2013
My Device: z10
My Carrier: Telekom

Re: Feature Requests for BlackBerry10 OS

I don't like the fact that the blank key is used to accept or deny an auto correction suggestion. For me it is wrong in 99% of all cases. And if then it should be the other way around - so that I can flick the correction in the text if I like to.

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My Device: Z10
My Carrier: Rogers

Re: Feature Requests for BlackBerry10 OS

[ Edited ]

It is an interesting thought to be able to reverse the spacebar (Blank Key?) functionality, however, did you know that when you flick a word up from the spacebar or from any other word suggestion you are actually training the Z10 to use your own words and phrases? Be your Z10's master!!


It is very fast at learning how you type, but you must train it to understand you. As you flick words up you teach the device what words you commonly type, common phrases that you normally use, and words that it doesn't know.


I had to spend a day teaching my Z10 how to swear. Smiley Wink But it is now a very good potty mouth.


Take the time to train it, and it will have all of the correct words in the spacebar and not over it, I swear to god that my Z10 now reads my mind, as it can turn 99% of the gobbeldygook that I type into understandable text and uses longer words than I would normally use (synchronise instead of sync for example!) Smiley Very Happy

-: DrewRead :-
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Posts: 11
Registered: ‎03-11-2013
My Device: z10
My Carrier: Telekom

Re: Feature Requests for BlackBerry10 OS

Thanks drewread, good advice. Now that I know that it is for a good reason I will be more patient.

(I gave you a 'like')
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Re: Feature Requests for BlackBerry10 OS

wolfgangwinstel, you might take some time reading over this thread:
Similar what you've asked has been covered, i.e., training your device through your own pesonal typing styles.

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Registered: ‎05-14-2008
My Device: DTEK60 BBA 100-2
My Carrier: O2 UK

Re: Feature Requests for BlackBerry10 OS

Hi, I meant sort. At the moment you can change the display of Contacts either by first name or last name. If you choose last name all the Contacts appear in alphabetical list correctly, but with the first name first (John Smith), instead of the surname first (Smith, John). It is easier to look down a list if the surname appears first. Thanks.
Regular Contributor
Posts: 73
Registered: ‎12-28-2011
My Device: Q10 - PB64

Re: Feature Requests for BlackBerry10 OS

Exactly skeeter395, even the Z10 Help, see file 20130127_BlackBerry_10-FullHelp-en.pdf, describes a lot of useful functionalities without mentioning BES. This lets me believe I could be my own administrator. Isn't it abusive?
Small businesses cannot afford the heavy maintenance of the BES. My 'incomplete' BB9900 is still better data wise so far.
Regular Contributor
Posts: 73
Registered: ‎12-28-2011
My Device: Q10 - PB64

Re: Feature Requests for BlackBerry10 OS

Hello, thanks for this initiative, here are my feature requests;

I note that the needs of small businesses are not well represented in the curent BB specifcations. Most of SMEs cannot maintain a BES, a Server, and other back office facilities. Despite that they need Security even without the much heralded BB Balance (It would still be missing in the Z10 despite what the Help guide said).

My requests are:

- Ability to load certificates (X 509 S/MIME and/or PGP/MIME) from a computer

- Ability to sign and or encrypt emails (POP3)  before sending (As in MS Office Outlook)

- Ability to receive and recognize signed and or encrypted emails (POP3) (As in MS Office Outlook)

- Add a password/certificate manager that doesn't require manual copy/paste

- Ability to encrypt the memories Device and Media of the Q10 like it is done for the BB9900

- Ability to encrypt selected folders (preferably by Private Key)

- Ability to create Self-Decrypting Archive like in PGP

- Ability to delete email-messages by group as an alternate option to one by one

- Opening Video-chat to non-BBM users (Skype for instance)

For small business the emphasis is on data and not pictures. Waiting for Q10 . . .

I hope this will help

All the best,


Posts: 10
Registered: ‎03-17-2013
My Device: BlackBerry Z10
My Carrier: T-Mobile

Re: Feature Requests for BlackBerry10 OS

You can get this encryption capability for the BlackBerry Z10 by using the SecuSmart card. Here's an article I wrote on how this works: http://www.eweek.com/mobile/blackberry-10-with-enhanced-security-wins-hefty-order-from-germany/



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Registered: ‎03-20-2013
My Device: z10
My Carrier: fido

Re: Feature Requests for BlackBerry10 OS

[ Edited ]

Loving the os 10 so far but I have few things I like to see added. Some of the points people have already mention but I'll say it again for people that didn't read through all the posts. 


1.  I don't know if there's a option where you don't have to add in the file extension to a file I want to rename before saving it.  For example if someone sends me a mms picture message.  The file name might be dc001.jpg.  If I rename the file to "picture", it will not show in my picture folder.  When i go to file manager the file will be in there but I cannot open it because it doesn't know what kind of file it is.  I would have to save the file as picture.jpg.  I know its not much of a big deal but I think the os should auto recognize it and it would help a lot of people that dont know what extensions are.


2. a way to lock the phone faster other then holding down the power button.


3. closing the app by swiping from the bottom all the way to the top or bottom to middle then bottom again. (off the screen for both to close instantly.)


4. pin messaging


5. Make bbm cross platform. **This is a MUST if other companies with video chat and calls dont want to come to blackberry.


6. Wallpaper that can extend onto multiple screens so when you scroll left or right the wallpaper moves too.


7. Ability to hide icons


8. Email Icon.  I know its in the hub but be nice to have a email icon also.

Regular Contributor
Posts: 69
Registered: ‎01-04-2013
My Device: Torch 9800
My Carrier: Bell Canada

Re: Feature Requests for BlackBerry10 OS

[ Edited ]

I know I'll get shot for this, but bring back the app trays that OS6/7 and PBOS1 had. 


It's much easier to jump to the page you want if the pages are named.  "I want App "xxxxx" and it's on "white dot #3  Or is that #2.  Nope, here it is on #4."   It's like having bookmarks in a big document with no titles on them.


No, just let me title them "Media, Social, Productivity, etc..."