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Re: Feature Requests for BlackBerry10 OS

kmascoll wrote:
That's the way I do it. But i don't want to have to delete the word and start typing. I'd like to make the correction in 2 clicks. One on the wrong word, the other on the right word.

A good suggestion. That's what this thread is for. We don't have to argue that you need to do it a different way.


Thanks for passing it along.

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Posts: 19
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My Device: Z10 Blackberry 10
My Carrier: Bell Canada

Re: Feature Requests for BlackBerry10 OS

Ring tone preview!


I navigate through all the menus to change a ringtone, and then I have to commit to it. If I don't like it I have to go through all the menu and folders again. You cannot preview a ringtone without choosing it for the profile first.


Shorten the Voice Dial


I want to be able to say "Call wifey at work."

and hear "Do you want to call wifey at work?"

and Say "Yes."

And get "CAlling wifey at work."


Instead I get a middle step, "YOu can edit or call, what would you like to do?"

I say "CAll"

and finally "Calling wifey at work."


By the time I'm done I don't want to talk to her anymore.


It's always funny when it's someone else.
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Feature Requests for BlackBerry10 OS - Colours to HUB

Hello all,


I was just able to add my work Outlook to my Z10. Then I checked the HUB and all was there.

Then I realised that they all have the same colour.

Would it be posible to add with each (e-mail) account a colour??

So, Google is red, Yahoo purple, Outlook yellow... it is a little easier to control all the messages in your inbox??


Thnx, Erik

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My Device: 9800 Torch
My Carrier: O2

Re: Feature Requests for BlackBerry10 OS

When I use a nickname (such as wifey) in the email to box, it doesn't pick it up.
Is this a missing feature or am I just missing something?
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My Device: Z10
My Carrier: Vodafone IT

Re: Feature Requests for BlackBerry10 OS

I'd like to have the possibility to set the vibrate duration (long, medium, short) and the number of vibrates.

Some more ringtones would be appreciated as well.
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My Device: BB Z10
My Carrier: BASE (german provider)

Re: Feature Requests for BlackBerry10 OS

[ Edited ]
  • Gesture to lock phone, opposite to unlock
  • Proceeding to next email instead going back to folder and tapping next mail
  • Zooming camera with volume keys, trigger with middle/record key
  • I can't sync fully with live/hotmail account. Several contacts don't appear on my Z10. Should be fixed.
New Member
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Registered: ‎03-28-2013
My Device: Z10
My Carrier: AT&T

Re: Feature Requests for BlackBerry10 OS

Have the email application recognize package tracking numbers that are embedded in emails and then launch a tracking site when one clicks on the tracking number in the email (that is underlined and hypermarked). iPhone does this and so does Android I clicked on the tracking number in an email this morning and my Z10 started to try to dial the number as if it were a phone number. Thank you. Love the product overall and switched from an iPhone 5
New Contributor
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My Device: Z10
My Carrier: Viettel

Re: Feature Requests for BlackBerry10 OS

[ Edited ]

I miss some of the features in OS 5/6/7, really want to see them back in future updates:


- task reminder: remember can only list things down, but it couldn't remind me before the due day

- using Pinyin to look up contacts in Chinese: I need to constantly switch input language when trying to contact Chiense friends

- quick menu to sms phone numbers in call log: now I have to click the number, then see details, then text, in OS 5/6/7 it is way easier

Posts: 47
Registered: ‎03-16-2013
My Device: BB Z10
My Carrier: BASE (german provider)

Re: Feature Requests for BlackBerry10 OS

[ Edited ]

Inconsistancy in the UI

In network setup when I tap at bluetooth, for instance, I have to tap on the "back button" instead swiping the bluetooth menu to the right, going back to network setup. Chosen menu entry goes in from the right, so it's natural to me to swipe it away to the right - but this doesn't work.

After using Z10 some two weeks, I can say it has a smooth OS but it needs some fine tunig and some work on consistancy.

Regular Contributor
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My Device: BB Z10
My Carrier: Vodafone

Re: Feature Requests for BlackBerry10 OS

A new release of Blackberry Link as soon as possible to enable Z10 to sync with a win7PC all data.

A new release of Blackberry LinK as soon as possible to enable Z10 to have his backup.
Option to choose , as for the past, to delete a mail on device only.

An idea that is not dangerous is unworthy of being called an idea at all.
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