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Re: Feature Requests for BlackBerry10 OS

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Thanks Ben. POP email severs do work on the #Z10.

Your #1 & 3 have been noted in this thread many times.

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Ability to delete history items shown in browser

When I open the Browser on my Z10, ti displays the history of websites visited. I'd like to delete those I no longer want showing. Please add an X to each displayed item to allow deletion of individual history items. Thanks.

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Feature requests for BB10 next releases

Auto Brightness, I don't remember if I added it to the list above, but what happened to this functionality?


Joey, will you be able to clean up this thread by adding all future requests to the list? I see that similar things are being posted, we got 20+pages of posted summarized in my list above, and after that we are getting similar posts, I don't think people will have time to go through all pages, so if we have a list, and if possible to split or white-out the stuff listed already (maybe you can add evertyhing to 1st post, and then put a link up to which post it is including, so people can start reading from that post and on..

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Re: Feature Requests for BlackBerry10 OS

Why not make a list of the most requested topics and then have readers vote on their "Top 10" most wanted features. That way you get a much better idea of what your users really want, and can give lower priority to less requested ideas. This is the kind of obvious market behavior that builds loyal customers - a company that actually listens!
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Re: Feature Requests for BlackBerry10 OS

Thanks cas118 for the answer. It was very helpful.

JSanders, thanks also for the suggestion about the data monitor app. I do wish BlackBerry will create one since I really would prefer a built in one from BlackBerry.
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Connect Contact to Calendar

I have had a blackberry now for little over a year 9300 and I recently go the z10.  I have not been happy with it.  I would have thought that it would have been far superior to what has been delivered.  The reason I got the black berry 9300 in the first place was because my trusty palm 750, died.  That is the phone that I wish was still made, perhaps with some upgrades.  yea it didn't surf the web that great but neither did the 9300.  The 9300 was constantly locking up on websites and telling me that it couldn't load and  I would have to start all over.  After the palm died I got a android and It was the a piece of garbage.  The Palm had great battery life and physical and virtual keys and it was great for making PHONE CALLS.  There was also a awesome piece of software called Agendus that LINKED the calendar with the Contacts.  This way I could go back and forth between those 2 areas and see who I was supposed to call and going to the contact I could when I called and when my next call was for that contact.  FOR THE LIFE OF ME I DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHY THIS IS THE ONLY PHONE THAT DID THIS!  The reason I have a PHONE is to make PHONE CALLS and remind me to make phone calls and be at appointments.  All the apps I could care less about.  Now were there an app that connected the contact to the calendar I would get it and be happy.  I have searched and I do not see anything for this.


I thought that the remember feature would do this however the contact doesn't list the remembers you have for that contact. And the remember I can't list a time to call someone.  Plus I don't have a selection on how long I would like something to snooze.  When I am in the calendar and I put in a phone # I am not able to dial it.  I When I am in the remember I am not able to add a contact.  In the Calender I dont want to send email I want it to populate with the Name of the contact and their PHONE number. 


The 9300 was so easy to use.  The main reason I got the Z10 is because the keyboard keys stopped working making it almost impossible to use.  I had hoped the remember feature would do what I want however I am hopeful that the software upgrades will make this possible. 


I don't know why I would need a remember AND a calendar.  If one did everything that would be better.

The other feature the old palm had was I could link contacts together like Joe smith is a friend of Jane Jones.  That was really helpful.  Sometime I can not remember the person I want to call but I remember their friend with the link feature.


I also had many autodials on the  9300 I guess this is not possible on the this phone because it lacks a physical keyboard.


also you go rid of the section in the contact were I could add a filter to the contact.  This was useful to find people in the phone I could not remembe their names.


I have one more day to return this phone and just get the old one fixed.  I am just not that excited with the Z10.  I was hoping Blackberry would have done a better job.

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Re: Feature Requests for BlackBerry10 OS

the circle you talk about is really a pain in the but to use. the trackpad on the the 9300 was soo much easier to use.

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Re: Connect Contact to Calendar

I agree with you for 90% of the post.

Remember (note for outlook) have to be separated from calendar for me.

Remember are notes that can be completely disconnected by calendar, as for example bank details.




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Re: Feature Requests for BlackBerry10 OS

Like BB had in the old devices, in browsing (file manager) it was possible to hide and not showing all hidden folders/ files.

Now in the OS 10, all content is showed. there is no way to hide some files (pictures or files).

Why I ask this: I try to promote our Blackberry systems in our Company and I give my BB to the people and play them around. There is some content I don't want to show. With OS 10 the index is running and shows you everything.

It will be great if the Hide folder is available again.



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Re: Feature Requests for BlackBerry10 OS

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I did not read all 30+ Pages of featzre request, but here is a list of features that wor with torch, but do not work with Z10:


1. There is only a master volume for all notifications. I would like to have a low volume for E-Mail, a mid volume for SMS and a high volume for ringing.
2. For different E-Mail accounts there should be different notifications.
3. Bluetooth SAP profile should work.
4. Word wrapping should work when zoom into webpages.