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Accepted Solution

Feature Requests for BlackBerry10 OS

[ Edited ]



This thread has been closed and is continued in this new thread here: 

Feature Requests beyond BlackBerry OS10.3.1


Please click on that link.




Let's use this thread to list BlackBerry10 OS feature requests. There's nothing official to this thread, but one never knows who might view it and get an idea or two to move foward.


Please let's keep it to feature requests with simple short statements and comments, in this manner:

1. Ability to lock the volume keys (since they are so easliy pressed when retrieving from holster)

2. Personal distribution groups Address Book

4. Add BBM Group icon to home screen



**This thread is not for bug reports (i.e., the calendar glitches when I set the date) or for debate or discussion of the worthiness of a feature request.


So, what would YOU add to BB10?

What do YOU need to make the OS platform work better for you?



Here are the collected feature requests as of 04 April 2013. Thanks for Ride_The_Sky for helping collect these from this thread.

There are listed in no order, just as collected.


  • Ability to lock the volume keys (since they are so easily pressed when retrieving from holster)
  • Personal distribution groups Address Book
  • Add BBM Group icon to home screen
  • Way to add line carriage to BBM messages
  • Why doesn't the most used name come up first? <- In latest OS, there is another line with most common contacts, but when typing it won't provide most commonly emailed contacts.
  • Bring back the option "Send As" or include this option in "Share"
  • Enable word wrap when zooming in to emails and messages.
  • Import Distribution lists from Outlook on your desktop to your Z10?
  • *The option* to always show the hub main screen when opening the hub, so when peeking it always shows the hub even if you leave it in another screen.
  • Offer Balance without BES to have two workspaces in device.
  • Delete on Server/Device/Both
  • Delete on Server but Keep on Device (This is going to be tough since EAS does not work like POP, using POP you can do this by deleting on server after sync)
  • Auto power on/off or Auto Do Not Disturb / Scheduled Airplane Mode / Scheduled Silence Mode / Scheduled Custom Profile
  • Default Currency Option
  • More options to lower data usage in e-mail (Headers Only / Roaming Profiles)
  • Snooze a notification/reminder for more than 5 minutes.
  • Customized Notifications
  • Disable certain accounts to stop receiving email or notifications from them temporarily to avoid data usage.
  • Way to delete recent pictures, videos.
  • Office Hub customization, sorting, editing, etc., on the fly.
  • Select which contact groups to sync, and ability delete all contacts.
  • Larger text select tabs
  • Add more options to dropbar.
  • Improve browser functionality and display, add customization and management of Bookmarks.
  • Calendar in Landscape mode
  • Option to Disable shutter sounds in camera.
  • Auto BCC option
  • Multiple appointments in lock screen, not only next one.
  • Increase email check frequency, custom minutes (possibly battery concern, most accounts use push nowadays)
  • Ability to hide "texting" numbers such as Work, home, etc that aren't able to receive texts
  • Ability to have multiple mobile numbers, such as mobile1, mobile2, for people with more than one cellphone
  • Ability to have multiple work numbers, home numbers, etc
  • Ability to have option for actually creating "custom" names for phone numbers, emails, VOIP,
  • Ability to have multiple WORK emails fields for same contact ...
  • Ability for a custom note field for each contact, for misc information such as store hours, reference numbers, business account numbers,
  • Ability for filter or unselect specific Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook contacts so they all don't appear
  • Ability to "share" contact info with someone else ... like a vcard or the like
  • Ability to have custom Individual text and ringtones for each contact set within contacts app
  • Vibrate option for Alarm
  • Mail Filters for Priority mails.
  • Option to block ringtones from music app (i don't see ringtones in my music app, I guess poster refers to custom mp3 files)
  • Swipe down to close, up to minimize (but some apps have menus associated with swipe up gesture)
  • Swipe half way up the screen to minimize an application to an active tile.
  • Swipe it all the way up the screen to close the application.
  • Playbook app switching gestures (swipe sideways, I guess this won't work since there are other gestures associated with side-swiping)
  • Lock screen with gesture (or maybe they should just add a button on home screen, somewhere on top or bottom)
  • Airplane mode on status bar options.
  • Option to customize status bar with select Settings/Options.
  • Colors for Hub!
  • Face recognition for camera, being able to associate contacts with faces or pull info from Facebook, etc.
  • Weather info on Lock Screen (if I may add, and constant info on top status bar, simple temp info should be enough)
  • We need groups back in contacts please.
  • Import text messages in various formats from various systems.
  • Sorting and Ordering of the way contacts are displayed depending on account.
  • While editing an entry in calendar, notification about a recent call may cause loss of data in that entry.
  • Location for Calendar entries and be able to see it on the map with a tap.
  • Being able to see multiple pictures from an email by swiping left and right to see next/previous without having to reopen (I must say the same thing is needed for App World, why can't we just scroll through screenshots??)
  • Multiple flags or ability to set a flag date, associate with a reminder.
  • Move people from TO to CC or BCC easily (If I may add, also ability to backspace to delete a contact without having to tap the X in blue box).
  • Option to add favorites to Hub for easy to reach contact management (I think it is same as going to contacts and choosing Favs)
  • Being able to answer and make calls when the phone is locked.
  • Add more colors to LED notification (I think they are there now, orange, green, red so far, did not see blue, I don't think blue is needed in my opinion)
  • Change the way to add date and time for appointment, rollbar is too slow and too sensitive.
  • Dismiss and Snooze buttons for Alarm to be different colors, larger, easier to notice.
  • Make it easier to order world clocks, instead of the order they are added.
  • Alarms based on days/schedule.
  • Easier way to get to the bottom of e-mails (I think it scrolls pretty fast, I think poster wants "B" shortcut)
  • Easer way to get to the bottom of web pages (same as above, space or B shortcut?)
  • Add option to ask if you really want to dial, instead of just dialing right away every time a phone number is clicked/tapped on.
  • Ability to resize image before attaching to an e-mail.
  • More than 30 days email sync on device, please!
  • Make BB boot up slower, so we can actually get to do something else while waiting for it to start!
  • SSH client would be nice.
  • Another keyboard like Swipe (honestly, I have never typed faster in my life on any other on screen keyboard, Z10 keyboard is awesome!)
  • Volume lock/unlock button on demand.
  • Auto Run app on device boot up.
  • Lock or Pin apps.
  • Ability to run background apps (Google Talk is running in the background, or it is tricking me, I don't know but I am getting messages from it when it is shut down on BB10, I hope they do Skype the same way)
  • Ability to have multiple documents of same type open at the same time (tabbed docs2go)
  • Calendar sharing of BB10 users in the area/company/group.
  • PIN Messaging to return.
  • Preview e-mails, calendar and other information on lock screen (privacy?)
  • Way to clear anything in any "Recent" menu, videos, pictures, etc..
  • Ability to hide apps, docs, pics, videos, folders, etc..
  • BBM Group Picture notification.
  • Support WhatsApp more.
  • Another tap for important numbers (Favorites work for this, and on top of speed dial)
  • From Call Menu when going into contacts, it should be ready to search with keyboard out.
  • Option to customize volume key to act as page up/down, etc depending on app running.
  • Red star in app world (means you need to run Updates, just refresh and check by swiping down from top)
  • Better headphones with the phone (hey, we didn't even get any!)
  • Better night shots in camera (hardware or software improvement?)
  • Ability to choose which address book to sync with bluetooth car.
  • When app is opened from a folder three or four pages into apps list, we hope the screen can go back to that spot when the app is closed (sadly it uses active frames at the moment)
  • Change acceptance of auto corrected key, instead of space key, make it something else (actually, you can just backspace to un-autocorrect it back to what you typed).
  • Ability to load certificates (X 509 S/MIME and/or PGP/MIME) from a computer
  • Ability to sign and or encrypt emails (POP3)  before sending (As in MS Office Outlook)
  • Ability to receive and recognize signed and or encrypted emails (POP3) (As in MS Office Outlook)
  • Add a password/certificate manager that doesn't require manual copy/paste
  • Ability to encrypt the memories Device and Media of the Q10 like it is done for the BB9900
  • Ability to encrypt selected folders (preferably by Private Key)
  • Ability to create Self-Decrypting Archive like in PGP
  • Ability to delete email-messages by group as an alternate option to one by one
  • Opening Video-chat to non-BBM users (Skype for instance)
  • For above encryption request, SecuSmart was suggested...
  • Renaming the file without extension can break the file or hide it from pictures list.
  • Wallpaper scrolling sideways.
  • Standalone e-mail app (not sure how different it is than choosing emails-only for hub)
  • Different colors or small tabs in different colors for different accounts in Hub.
  • Share webpages with smart tag (I think you can just create it by pasting the URL into create QR)
  • Application management (being able to see which app takes up how much space, etc..) CPU/Memory/Battery Usage/Data Usage/Storage Usage in more details
  • Custom vibration options.
  • Move Send button in BBM to avoid accidental submission of message
  • Forward As… SMS, MMS, EMAIL from one to another.
  • Send SMS to new numbers (I think you can still do this from call log)
  • Single key press to change profiles.
  • Insert a picture into an e-mail. (I think he means into the body of email)
  • Turning off links of contacts (I think poster did not have multiple accounts, actually BB10 goes ahead and adds all new contacts into all address books in all accounts without user permission.. Create a contact in Hotmail? Gets copied to Gmail.. and then linked, terrible implementation in my opinion)
  • Presets for browser bookmarks, faster access to bookmarks. (My suggestion was to create a home screen, select 12 icons 3x4 or 16 icons 4x4 as home screen/start page)
  • Being able to allow flash based on website/url/server.
  • Ability to adjust different sounds/volumes for different BBM users/groups
  • Better Voice Dial and Voice Commands (shorter and easier operation)
  • Ability close one or all web pages/tabs, add "Close All" button.
  • Call Recording
  • Faster way to delete e-mails, such as file icons next to e-mails,  or Swipe to Delete! Swipe to File!?
  • Customize email signatures with formatting.
  • Phone to stay on screen (dial pad always available in panes)
  • More Options for Clock.
  • In Playbook we can have a single character password, why not on BB10? "too short" well it is my decision, isn't it?
  • There is no way to go next/previous while reading an e-mail. Please add these functions.
  • Add to the e-mail client, Next Unread / Previous Unread.
  • E-mail or Hub should have more buttons at the bottom in landscape mode. Why keep only three (or four in e-mail view) buttons when you have the real estate. It would be extremely handy if you allowed users to edit which buttons should go at the bottom. Next Previous is really needed while reading an e-mail. For example I would love to add "File" button at the bottom as a shortcut instead of forward, I rarely forward, but I file all the time. Maybe allow users to have two row of keys, add next/previous/unread. Or it could be done with a gesture. How about swiping the account name (top blue bar while reading e-mail) left and right?
  • When you create a new contact in BlackBerry, it gets synced to all accounts on the Hub. There is no way to limit the new contact to a specific account.
  • Sometimes when you file an e-mail to a folder, it stops and waits few seconds with no message. Even when it files immediately, there is a confirmation message that takes time to appear and disappear, and the folder list does not disappear automatically.
  • Messages filed automatically by server using server side filter rules are still showing up on Blackberry hub/inbox. In older BB versions the filtered messages did not show up in the list, filed messages still did.
  • When you filter your e-mails using Filter / Unread function, new unread e-mails do not show up until you close the filter and re-open. It won't just keep refreshing your screen with unread e-mails. Can BB add a button to the hub "Unread Hub" so when hub shows 8 or 2, you can actually see unread items easily without having to through so many taps.
  • Native BB QR scanner (Smart Tags) does not work with barcodes (it only scans with no way to use the information). There is Open In function but it doesn't work properly.
  • We need to add more customs search providers, and be able to add custom search strings/wildcards. For example currently there is Google, Bing, Yahoo, Foursquare, etc..
  • I hope BB introduces the ability include more standard & custom searches, IMDB, PriceGrabber, Ebay, Youtube, XYZ Forums, ABC Newspaper, 123 Database, Etc.. Most sites nowadays provide search string in their URL Search=?* etc...
  • None of the Battery apps can access system settings to add a battery icon to the top. I wish battery percentage was there.
  • There is no way to check carrier/mobile signal strength.
  • Blackberry, please add the date and carrier / SSID info to the top. Sometimes we just want to glance at the top to see the date without having to swipe.
  • Please bring back keyboard shortcuts. Since we can easily swipe up to bring the keyboard, just add keyboard shortcuts in e-mail, phone (true speed dialing, dialing by word?), and browser, etc.. if possible. I could always call 1800SOMETHING# now I have to look up the number or use dial pad.. Please bring it back.
  • Camera zoom function needs to be fixed, also please include option of fixed focus by tapping on the screen to focus. The auto focus in video is focusing in and out to various objects all the time. Stabilization feature also causes tearing/ripples, I guess it is good if you are stationary. Or use Volume Keys to Zoom.
  • Please allow more than 12 icons in an icon group/folder, I hated Apple for limiting apps per folder, please fix it.
  • Auto ON/OFF feature is not there anymore. BB should consider Auto DND (DoNotDisturb) or Auto Silent/Airplane modes instead.
  • Please find a way to stop the music app from automatically starting up every time it connects to bluetooth like car audio. This is very annoying.
  • No Panaroma mode in Camera app, why not? It is very easy to incorporate. This could be a nice addition to next release, and easy.
  • The text selection grips needs to be a little bigger, sometimes I cannot see where I am moving them, they work better in Playbook, nice big tabs.
  • Call Functions, before answering a phone add sideways gesture functions, like swiping right will forward the call, swiping left will answer with a test message, etc..
  • Or there should be a way to reject the call without sending it to voice mail, phones had this function a decade ago, I don't know what happened to it.
  • We used to be able to see the "History" without having to save the contact. Now I don't see any way to "View History" of a certain phone number, it just keeps adding
  • them as individual entries to the log. Now I can't see when was the last time they called me, how many times we spoke which day, etc... I loved this feature in BB5.
  • Where is BB Traffic? Where is BB Weather, without having to run an active frame? It will eventually disappear if you run too many apps. I liked a little Icon that shows me what the temp is, instead of running a whole app.
  • There is no Skype. This day and age with all other platforms having it, please either get skype (Microsoft) to cooperate, or open up BBM to other platforms. If necessary, pay Skype to develop the app, then charge BB users for the app. Most will gladly pay.
  • Can we tap and hold on an active frame to pin it, or can we pin two favorite apps between Call and Search & Search and Camera buttons in the bottom bar? How about Close All running Active Frames app to quickly free up ram?
  • I hope next generation devices have two speakers or speaker that is facing forward. When playing games or watching videos in landscape mode, I find my palm muting the speaker. I have to hold it gently with fingers to have a gap in between, something I don't want to do when I am on the subway or bus.
  • Blackberry Maps should have a Zoom In/Zoom Out buttons, sometimes using it with one hand, it is impossible to zoom in and out. (Zoom in is OK but we can't zoom back out)


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Re: Feature Requests for BlackBerry10 OS

Just submitted this on its own thread, but here goes again



Why doesn't the most used name come up first?

Always is the alpha.

e.g. I send alot of emails to Melissa S, when I start typing Melis ....... Melissa C's name come up, then I have to scroll down and tap Melissa S (or continue typing- which is a pain too)

Apple has that figured out

Windows has that figured out


Surely a simple fix.


Super aggravating

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Re: Feature Requests for BlackBerry10 OS

5. Bring back the option "Send As" or include this option in "Share"
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Re: Feature Requests for BlackBerry10 OS

Enable word wrap when zooming in to emails and messages.

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Re: Feature Requests for BlackBerry10 OS

Import Distribution lists from Outlook on your desktop to your Z10?


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Re: Feature Requests for BlackBerry10 OS


Hey JSanders nice move , I am sure everyone will have a view and add some good suggestions into this feature request thread .







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Re: Feature Requests for BlackBerry10 OS

I would really like the option to always show the hub main screen when opening the hub.  


I often close the hub with an email, bbm, or other message still open.  This causes the peek feature to be useless because I just end up peeking at a message I have already looked at.  I then have to go fully into the hub and exit out of my message back to the hub main screen.  Then close the hub and open my app again.  It is a lot of wasted effort for something that is theoretically suppose to be next to effortless.


If there is already a way to do this please let me know,  I have searched all of the settings i can think of and haven't found an option.

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Re: Feature Requests for BlackBerry10 OS

Can we get Balance without the BES. I have seen all of this advertising about balance with no mention about needing BES. Balance without BES need this feature.

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Re: Feature Requests for BlackBerry10 OS

[ Edited ]

- ability to choose deletion of an email on handset only

- desktop software working with all older BB's allowing drag and drop type of transferring data, contacts etc. (BB link doesn't recognize my old Storm) 

- auto power on/off

- contacts syncing with yahoo & Outlook (almost two weeks trying to work around it and no luck)

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Re: Feature Requests for BlackBerry10 OS

Setting a default currency like BlackBerry 7.

Unless you live with $, all the currency symbols are 3 taps away which is infuriating.

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