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Re: Feature Requests for BlackBerry10 OS

Probably already mentioned more than once but...


1. Ability to group contacts


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Re: Feature Requests for BlackBerry10 OS

1. A way to delete Twitter & Linked In contacts from the Contacts list 2.Make Password Keeper apart of the apps that automatically come with the phone and allow info in older blackberry phones to me transferred to the Z10 3. "Messages" app just like it used to be and just like it is for "phone" and "text messages." 4. Add "Calendar" to the Hub and remove the social media categories, or at least make it optional
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Re: Feature Requests for BlackBerry10 OS

For developers

1) Speech to text API

2) Text to speech API

3) Flexible chart control to use in QML cascades


For users

1) animated background support

2) more default ring tones

3) option to select which account to create new contact in.

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Re: Feature Requests for BlackBerry10 OS

Don't know if this was mentioned before but in BBOS, if you had BB Travel installed, you could submit an email to your BB Travel app.  This was useful since I keep 'trip scanning email' option off.


In BB10, there is no option to submit an email to BB Travel from the hub if you have BB Travel installed.  So, you have to forward your email to the BB Travel email address (which I had to go online to BB Travel's web site to get).


I know this is an 'app' but it is a BB app and one that used to have functionality baked into the OS when the app was installed.


Hopefully this can be fixed.  At a minimum they should provide the info in the BB Travel app to forward the emails to.

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Re: Feature Requests for BlackBerry10 OS

Is there a way to add file shortcuts to a home screen? I'd like to be able to open a xls spreadsheet created in Docs to Go in one tap.
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Re: Feature Requests for BlackBerry10 OS

No but you can do so in Remember.

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Re: Feature Requests for BlackBerry10 OS

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New to forum. I've looked through posts for days. Does anyone know if there is a solution or discussion about how to be notified of a text while talking on the z10

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Re: Feature Requests for BlackBerry10 OS

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I'm been trying myself to get that working but no luck. If anybody knows Plz notify here

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Re: Feature Requests for BlackBerry10 OS

1. Be able to select and copy a phone number anywhere and then paste it somewhere else

2. After searching for files, ability to sort the list

3. Auto brightness control

4. Camera/Video Camera - manual focus - auto focus is out of control and making captured images blurry (out of focus) very annoying

5. BlackBerry world download using data plan (temporary overide) if set to Wi-Fi only

6. Ability to enter Carriage Return while texting

7. Sounds/Notification tones selection - ability to hear preview before actually selecting - tedious trying to make selection

8. Contacts: ability to select/copy/paste notes in note section while viewing the contact

9. Maps: easily add address found/looked up to contacts

10. Edit/delete - Undo feature if accidentially deleted text

11. Ability to share/forward "remember" lists/items via text/email etc.

12. Full keyboard option (to include the numbers row): ability to turn it on/off - as currently given when entering passwords

13. Hub: ability to hide items if monitoring is turned off

14. Phone app; quicker/easier contact lookup - put contact search field on main page - don't require selection of "Contacts" button first

15. Phone app; put space between the "0" and "End Call"; when trying to enter "0", currently too easy to accidently press "End Call" - have to be slow/careful not to hang up

16. Hub: Quick way to get back to main hub when reading messages - currently have to keep moving "back" and "back" - woulk like one quick gesture

17. Browser; ability to rename downloads directly from browser - after download

18. Remember: add a button (pull-down) to quickly set due dates (today, tomorrow, next week, 2 weeks, etc)

19. Remember: add a button to open up your calendar to see what you have going on and to easily select a due date

20. Messaging: start/show/begin the keyboard with suggested words already - don't wait for key presses - show most used first words used in messages

21. Phone app: ability to email/text/message contact with a long key press on a contact in call log

22. Text selection - triple tap to select entire sentence.

23. Word suggestion - show/suggest the plural form of word above the "s" as much as possible - annoying flicking up the singular form of the word and then having to backspace to add the "s".

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Re: Feature Requests for BlackBerry10 OS

The ability to save a sent email or any email in general as a file so it can be attached to a new email or reply.