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Generic "Rant" ...I guess; things that are bothering me, or missing, etc.

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Hey folks,

I was killing time and reading blogs.blackberry.com, and Donny asked (paraphrasing here a bit) "what would you guys like to see come to BB10?"

So...here's my response, and I've added apps I don't even care for, but ones I know that are:
- Popular with most users
- Made by development teams or companies that *need* to start taking BB10 seriously and build for it on day1 (not because BlackBerry is begging them)
- Will bring more users to the platform because there won't be a reason for them to go elsewhere.

Apps: Instagram, Vine, Flipboard, Viber, Snapchat, Geocaching, Google Apps (Hangouts, Maps, Mail, Drive!!), Kobo, Netflix, Pintrest, Box/Dropbox (collaboration support), Evernote (full support, ie. due date /reminders), Rdio, YouTube (full client), VLC, Soundcloud, SlingPlayer, Go Mobile, 500px, Vevo, UrbanSpoon, SkyDrive, ooVoo, Flickr, TeamViewer, Zombies Run, Fongo.
Games: Candy Crush Saga, Doodle Jump, 4 pics 1 word, Draw Something, Words With Friends, Bad Piggies, Temple Run 2, Despicable Me, Fruit Ninja, Minecraft, Hill Climb Racing, Flow Free, The Simpsons: Tapped Out.

I assure you, this is a very brief list... There is far more that I would hope will make it to our platform.

Now... on the flip-side, BlackBerry really needs to bump it up a notch and fix some core items (that aren't even mentioned as planned for 10.2). ie.
- Camera ...lets support Panoramic Shots (image stitching)
- Notes (better Evernote support/integration)
- Media (music, playlist editor) ..."play on > bluetooth accessory & DLNA supported device"
- BB Traffic...bring it back or its features into Maps
- Mail/Contacts/Calendar(PIM) - Full CalDav/CardDav support (without needing separated accounts, if supported by destination; or...a way to "link" accounts, as we do with Contacts), signature management (think multiple signatures; use-case... different contacts get different signatures)
- Quick Menu (swipe down) - ability to add/remove entries
- Password Keeper - ability to link PWK entries to Remember notes, etc.
- App Folders - more than 12-16 apps, I have 3-4 "games" folders at any given time
- Print to Go - Mac support (it's just handy being able to send a document direct to my device...workaround has been to save to Dropbox/Box, etc.)
- Active Frames - ability to "minimize" AF, to only show their "title bar" so that you can run more than 8 active apps (this is just a needless restriction).
- System Management - Lets bring in something that breaks down battery usage per app/feature, allow us to have multiple users on our devices (instead of just a password prompt, add a username in too ..should a user want that), give us the ability to change where "screenshots" are stored (don't automatically put them in "Camera" on device memory), or where downloads are put (again, on device memory).
- Notifications - god help us all, since the inception of the BlackBerry...we had notification management, and it was pretty nice in BB7.1 for what it was worth...but then came BB10 and poof... it went to hell. What happened? Seriously, what the hell?
- Landscape - ok...I believe this is slowly being implemented across the platform, but... how is it that it couldn't have been there from day1?
- Phone/Search/Camera "menu" - It would be great if you press and held down on the phone (should you want "more" options) to allow you to choose whether you want to do a voice call, video call, bbmv call, screenshare request, call to voicemail, the search... just a generic search, voice search, voice assistant, camera ... or video camera, default to HDR or Panoramic .... or ...allow them us add/remove those from our screen if we want or don't want them.
- UI/UX modification - give users the ability to slightly modify the user interface, remove the icon "shadows", add a percentage to battery level, add/remove the above mentioned menu (phone/search/camera).
- Cloud support - give us cloud support .. I mean, allow us to backup all or some of our device(s) to the same system that Protect uses, allow us to synchronize across platforms, make it easier to manage the data that's backed up (There is no reason that Link needs to be as "heavy" as it looks to be moving towards.) - use this support to have network-accessed calendar, contacts (PIM), allow us to manage what is backed up for BBM.

These are just some of the apps, games, and OS (core app) items that are missing, need work, and if available, would give users no reason to want to go to any other platforms.

I'm sure that some of these things are planned, some not ...but aside the apps/games, these are things that I personally miss not having, notice not having available on a daily basis. I love BlackBerry, I've been a user since the RIM9xx series, I've personally had around ~18-20 [unique] BlackBerry devices and defended the platform, and my choice when others attacked me, attacked BlackBerry saying that the platform (old, and new) never could, and still can't compete because, in their eyes "It can't even do what it used to do, well.".

So here I am, begging, and pleading with you BlackBerry... help me, help us all. Put pressure on the big development teams, the big companies to bring their apps to our platform, not by asking, but by making the OS the best out there, second to none. Get those developers to put their heads down, bring a rich, feature full, unique experience that can't be beat. If the OS is better than anything else available, they'll have no choice but to bring their apps, natively and, before or at the same time as they do for any other platform. It isn't hurting us to ask them to do it, but it definitely isn't easy when they hear about tried and true users still having to put up with a mediocre experience due to bugs, missing features, or things that are planned for the platform...but have yet to make it there.

Let's do this, let's rock and roll this thing, and, keep moving.


Adam Young (@young_adam)
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Re: Generic "Rant" ...I guess; things that are bothering me, or missing, etc.

The "Dennis Miller" of BlackBerry! Awesome Rant... PM me...
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Re: Generic "Rant" ...I guess; things that are bothering me, or missing, etc.

Agreed, on most all points made by young_adam. And I like how he makes all these suggestions without truly ranting... just all good well-thought out suggestions.


BlackBerry is closing the "app gap" bit by bit, but quite honestly, we need those major apps to keep attracting new users from other platforms, and the feature requests are all valid.

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New Contributor
Posts: 5
Registered: ‎02-11-2010
My Device: BlackBerry Z10 (Lisbon)

Re: Generic "Rant" ...I guess; things that are bothering me, or missing, etc.

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A couple things to add...

I've been a developer for longer than I've been a BlackBerry user; but my use of BlackBerry's inspired me to bring my talents to the mobile forum. I've built apps on the legacy platform, and I've built apps on BB10. The reason I mention this is because it's the one area that I've noticed the company has made HUGE strides forward from where they were year(s) ago.

If you ask anyone I know, or anyone that knows me, they'll tell you that I'm one of the most dedicated BlackBerry users/developers that is out there. I know there are others out there with the same amount of passion (some even more so) that I have for BlackBerry, and I encourage them as I do myself to keep moving forward. It's just difficult sometimes, and this is why I've created this post.

I'm looking for inspiration, for other users out there that feel the same way, and for BlackBerry to acknowledge that it isn't the work you did yesterday, last week or last year that matters... it's the work that's being done today and tomorrow that counts. I certainly respect what has been accomplished, but it isn't there yet; I want to see it get there, and I want to help in any way I can.


Adam Young (@young_adam)
Currently using Z10/LE-Z10 and Q10
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Re: Generic "Rant" ...I guess; things that are bothering me, or missing, etc.

Well said. Smiley Happy

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