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Issues with BB10 / reporting potential bugs - Help is needed

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Hi all,


I have bb10 on my Z10. First. Good job on The phone and The OS. Well Done.


I have noticed The following:


1. Even though I have IMAP enabled, I can't browse to my old emails in The different folder  - Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail or enterprise email

2. In my Phone app, I can't see all my calendar, but only The linkedin, facebook contacts. Nothing else, even though when I go to contact I can see all

3. Pics of contacts don't show up when I they call me or when I call them.

4. Yahoo contacts don't load up in The contacts.

5. Are you planning to support iCal.

6. BATTERY power is an issue. I fully charge my phone before I sleep and by The time I wake up, I would have lost 25%. This needs to be addressed.

7. The notification star next to BBM does disappear after I answer The new messages.

8. FB notification Are not instantaneous like my old BB.

9. Feature Request: You need to add The following features: multiple alarms, ability to stop music when The timer stops (similar to iphone), ability to remember where you've reached when you Are listening to an Audiobook (again similar to an iPhone), please. 

10. i can't seem to be able to update my mobile signature. is there a character limit?

11. screenshots don't seem to be saved anywhere

12. maps app lacking a lot of addresses / businesses. 


if I face anything else, I will let you know.


Thanks a lot everyone for your hardwork.




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Re: Issues with BB10 / reporting potential bugs - Help is needed

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I'll cover what I can here:


1. In "Settings" (swipe down from top bezel and chose settings) >> Accounts >> Chose your email account >> Click the "Edit Folder settings" button - Is your "Sync All email folders" switch turned on, or have you selected (with a check mark) the folders that you wish to sync. You will need to do this for each email account that you have setup.


The initial retrevial period seems to be a maximum of 30 days, so no more than that will come down initially. As I have had the device for only 15 or so days I am not sure if that is a hard 30 for retention or not.. I will know soon enough. I assume that it is like the old Blackberries and that retention is based on some storage limit that is hard set within the device, but that may not be the case right now, I'll find out soon enough. Smiley Happy


2. I assume you mean contact and not calendar on this one. You mention in #1 that you are on a corporate email, is that on a BES 10 system which has enacted Blackberry Balance (Home and Work profiles both on the phone in seperate areas?) Or are they all personal contacts that are not working?


3. I have not noticed this yet myself, but do the pictures show up in the contacts app properly? Maybe this has something to do with issue #2?


4 & 5 are not in my domain.. so someone else will need to discuss them. Smiley Happy


6. Yes it seems that some people are having battery issues. There are many threads here on these forums about them, I'd provide links but there are simply too many threads. Some suggest that a device wipe has helped them with this issue, others have been returning the devices as defective and have had better luck with their new phone (others have had the same luck.)


I personally have an issue with the battery life too.. but I am using the device constantly and "playing" with it non-stop when I am not 'using' it. So I am not surprised that my battery is doing so poorly.


I plan to pickup a battery/external charger kit which will give me the kick I need to get through the day and allow me to determine if my battery is actually toast.


7. The star in the hub does not disappear, or in BBM itself? Where are you reading the BBMs, within the hub or with the BBM app?


8.I don't really use FB, so again I can't comment here.


9. This is up to the developers of course, but it would be great if we had a real place to make the suggestions and vote on them. I've seen a thread like that in the Playbook area, I wonder how effective it was?


10. You are updating the signatures in the Hub's overflow menu >> settings >> Email accounts >> chose your account. Turn on auto signature and input the signature below that then back out?


How long is your signature, mine are fairly long and the work fine. May

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