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Mobile Desktop Computing - MultiScreen / Multi Instance Apps



I recently saw some concept videos regarding 10.2 and the move to use the phones as the desktop replacement / plugin device.   For this to move to the next level, is QNX going to be capable of displaying multiple apps across more than one monitor and is it possible to introduce opening an app more than once - not today probably, but as a roadmap?   I am thinking if e.g. Remote Desktop app could be multi instance, on multiple monitors, then this becomes a big business use case opening.  TH talks about the tablet-less and laptop-less era, this sort of technology needs to be baked in to make it viable.  Any thoughts?


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Re: Mobile Desktop Computing - MultiScreen / Multi Instance Apps


here is a video with the spirit of this discussion:


Here is some food for thoughts.

QNX is just a kernel, if you take only QNX there is no window and not even a terminal.

- BlackBerry 10 currently can support mirroring
- the PlayBookOS supports both mirorring
- and the BlackBerryOS through the Bridge supports dedicated screen on the PlayBook (for messages & calendar for instance).

So in the end, it is absolutely not a matter of OS capability, but a matter of wanting to bring the feature. Of course, having a capable & modular OS is easier, but it is not the main issue (for example iOS is not the most modular OS but you can use the iPhone to control an AR Drone, and you still can't do that on any BlackBerry device except the unique video during a DevCon from last year).


the reason why TH believes the laptop and the tablet are both not part of his vision of the future, is because there are other ways to do things.
For example in the past you needed a laptop to go on the internet in the streets. Today you can fire up a dozen emails during a 30min commute in buses.

If you look at the video, the idea is that you would have the computing force in a smartphone, and what more do you need? type & point.
Typing seems covered with the BB10 keyboard (which competes with desktop keyboards thanks to the autosuggestions & autocorrections).

Pointing, well, today is not very satisfactory whatever the OS (Android, iOS, BlackBerry, WindowsPhone... all deliver a very poor pointing experience, when precision is required).
So it could become like what the Bridge on BBOS showed: use the screen as a touchpad, and then use complex gestures on that "touchpad" for actions (right clic, scrolling and so on).

All this is already available, but needs a ot ironing, and I am not sure that it is on the top priority of BlackBerry today :
- Documents To Go on BB10 is not the best in its class
- pointing in a text, though the best in its class today, could be enhanced again
- the PlayOn feature : I don't know if it works for other apps than the video player ? (otherwise you're still stuck to an HDMI cable). What about Miracast?

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