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Mount / Sync in Linux

I'd like to be able to copy music to my device & grab photos off it using USB.  The only trouble is, I'm using Ubuntu GNU/Linux.


I can develop BB10 apps just fine using Linux using official tools - so why isn't there anything to manage a BlackBerry 10 device?


lsusb gives the USB device ID as 0fca:8020


Is the only way to connect to it via WiFi (which does work, albeit slowly)?



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Re: Mount / Sync in Linux

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If you go into you Settings>Storage and Access and turn on USB Mass Storage. The computer should recognize your device. This works if you have a micro SD card in the phone. You can then transfer files back and forth with ease.


I'm using Mepis Linux (Debian) and Dolphin recognizes the micro SD card with no problems.


Unfortunately, can't seem to get the main memory to show up as a drive or something else to access it.


Edit: I access my Playbook thru wifi, by using the smb://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx and this also works my Z10. It gives me my SD card, and two folders: certs and media. Not sure which Linux you are using, but I'm sure you can do it hte same way using whatever file explorer.


Also, you can utilize your PIN with smb. ie: smb://playbook-XXXX. XXXX=the last 4 of your PIN.

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Re: Mount / Sync in Linux

>>Linux.. grab photos off it using USB.


Blackberry 10 USB does not directly transfer files to/from Linux since the device, unlike a thumb drive, does not provide a known filesystem.  Fortunately,  BB10 exports the music, camera, and documents via Samba so you can use Wi-Fi.


I tested with Xubuntu 13.04 which already supports SMB.  Just type something like "smb://" or the IPV4 address of your BB10 device into the Linux file manager.  But this is only 4 media and not your email contacts and other application files.


In order for the Z/Q-10 to be satisfactory for Linux users, RIM should provide a platform-free import/export capability between the internal secure memory and the media folder.  Also a firmware update capability.


Are we supposed to buy a windows computer just to backup a BBphone?




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Re: Mount / Sync in Linux

Honestly I'm not seeing any good reason behind RIM restricting Linux from mounting BlackBerry Z10 as mass storage as the older os does. Do they think it's only windows and Mac users that own z10. So far it's highly annoying to me. Direct connections have always been faster than connectionless connections. They better do something about this.