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Multiple contacts with same phone number

Hi all.  My wife works at the same location as a few other contacts of mine.  They have a main number and extensions.  Whenever she calls, the call display instead shows one of her colleagues (presumably, because his last name starts with B, whereas hers has a K).  Is there any way to override the data for call display, so that I don't call the other fellow "honey", when he's the one to actually call?

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Re: Multiple contacts with same phone number

Hello mleitman and welcome to the BlackBerry Support Community Forums.


Thanks for your question on Caller ID.


This feature is a carrier controlled feature so it would be recommended you contact your carrier, presumably Bell (from your profile) to assist.





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Re: Multiple contacts with same phone number

What? In what way is it a "carrier controlled feature"?


What we need here is a way of marking one particular contact as the "primary" contact for an incoming call. I've got the same problem, I have a contact which is my work so I can call the office; but one of my colleagues has included that in their LinkedIn profile.


So whenever I get a call from anyone in the office it shows up as my colleague calling rather than the office, presumably because his first name begins with 'A'.


I tried editing the contact to have an underscore or to remove the phone number from my colleague's entry, but that didn't do anything - presumably because they're linked: the first case it created a new local contact and linked it; the second case because LinkedIn is the master and the Contacts UI isn't smart enough to know the field isn't editable.

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