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PIN on Z10

Really, the BB10 system doesn't support PINs. Why do these RIM, excuse me, Blackberry clowns always choose the wrong course of action and delete offerings that actually differentiate them from the competition? I've read online that they are "considering" adding peer-to-peer pinning BB10 as an update. Does anyone know more than this or do we have to hope they figure it out at some time. Blackberry, bring back the PINs. BBM is for children, PINs are for adults.
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Re: PIN on Z10



I agree at all. I used a lot PIN to PIN messages. It have a mail format and We have a group of persons at work who uses this. If some persons from a group want to change your BB to a Z10 he will have a little problem: wouldn't be able to communicate to the rest of the group. It is very hard to change the habit of the whole group. I think it is impossible.

And it is a BB users specific things. If anyone have a Blackberry, have PIN to PIN messages too.


Please do it on the future update.


Thank you in advance :-)




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Re: PIN on Z10

Hi there,

While I have nothing official, I'll weigh in with my observations.

BIS data plans vary widely throughout the world in both cost and service levels. Some include tremendous service levels at little (if any) extra cost over generic data plans. Others cost roughly double generic data plans, and do not include so many things that others in other regions get.

BB10 devices will not require a BIS plan and will function via a carrier generic data plans. My guess is that, due to the lost revenue of charging more (in some markets), there will be a necessary loss of some services previously enjoyed by those BIS-level plans. PIN messaging is likely to be one of those lost services (and, further, it basically was rather redundant to BBM anyway). Backup via BB Protect is also lost. Email filters in BIS are also lost. There likely is more, but you get the idea.

I'm actually quite happy that they retained BBM in the BB10 platform (I disagree that it's purely "for children"...for SMS I would agree, but not BBM, at least IMHO)...I was quite fearful that it too would be one of those lost items.

But, the future will hold what it will hold...and I'm no better than anyone else at predicting it!


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Re: PIN on Z10




   I agree on the BBM it's not just for kids. 


 Progress,  I do not always like it,  I resist, in the end i cave before it mows me down.






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Re: PIN on Z10

andrew21212 wrote:




   I agree on the BBM it's not just for kids. 


 Progress,  I do not always like it,  I resist, in the end i cave before it mows me down.






I am one of those that resist progress and change a lot, but I just got myself a brand new Z10 (2013/02/05), and I never thought that I would like a phone without a real keyboard, but I tried it and I am not sure that I would like to move away from it any more.


And I do use BBM as well, and I am part of a group on BBM (before I got the Z10) and I have to admit they kind of talked me into giving the Z10 a chance, maybe you should do the same with BBM

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Re: PIN on Z10

I've tried desperately to love my new Z10 but I can't bring myself to do it because of this PIN issue.


BBM, to me, is really no different than WhatsApp...or MSN or Yahoo Messenger.  It is for chat and I generally BBM with family and friends.  For business, I prefer email or PIN messaging.


I've had my Z10 for a week now and I am actually reactivating my BB Bold 9900 as of today because of PIN messaging.


From my perspective, PIN messaging was a key differentiator that kept me on Blackberry.


Similar/Equal to iPhone/Samsung Galaxy

  • Email
  • Calendar
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Phone
  • SMS
  • BBM = WhatsApp

Superior to iPhone/Samsung Galaxy

  • Browser

Inferior to iPhone/equal to Samsung Galaxy

  • Video
  • Music
  • Photos

Superior to iPhone/equal to Samsung Galaxy

  • expandable memory (although the Samsung Galaxy allows for 64GB micro SDHC cards)

Inferior to iPhone/Samsung Galaxy

  • Apps availability

Given those observations, I can't imagine staying with Z10 unless the PIN issue is fixed.  If I wanted an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, I'd get one.  I had really expected Blackberry to improve the functionality from Bold 9900 but, instead, they take away what I and many consider a core differentiator for the Blackberry.

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Re: PIN on Z10

I also want to stress how important I think it is that BlackBerry fix PIN messaging on the Z10. Direct PIN messaging has always been one of my favourite features and was a key reason I've stayed with BlackBerry over the years. I still don't get why Z10 developers chose to ignore some of BB's core features.


Come on guys -- please give us back PIN to PIN ASAP!


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Re: PIN on Z10

I am also very disappointed that Z10 has defaulted to BBM.  Let me just say it is my primary reason for starying with BlackBerry.  There are some messages I do not want to be going through my mobile carrier.  I am sure alot of Blackberry users have the same problem.


Bring back the PIN message for Z10!!