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People not understanding the software

I have been reading the reviews of the blackberry z10 on at&it's website.  I was looking only at the 1 star and 3 star rating to see if people are finding any cons about the phone.  I plan on getting the Q10 as I currently have a Bold 9900.  I am a very loyal Blackberry user and for me Blackberry smartness have always done what I want them to do.  I hope Blackberry continues to strive if not solely because the customer base needs more than 3 smartphone choices. However reading the reviews I was becoming frustrated.  The majority of the reviews I was reading said that there needed to be more App in the store and that is understandable but that will take time and its not like Blackberry isn't doing anything about it.  Also people seem to be complaining about not knowing how to use the phone.  I feel as though if they knew how to use the phone they wont submit those terrible reviews.  For example, one lady said the Hub was annoying and that it showed every message.  Well isn't that what the Hub suppose to do? And secondly you can control what is being shown in the Hub, obviously she did not know that.  I feel al though the consumer has gotten so use to the ISO and android software that they they can't operate other software like Blackberry 10 and some Windows phones.


As one last point.  I am a little upset about the marketing that Blackberry is doing in the US.  I expected to be bombarded with adds on TV making every one talk about the new phone, however the only commercials I have seen are at 10 pm or later.  I have probably seen as many Blackberry commercials that I can count them on my finger.  When Apple releases their phone, you can't turn on a TV and not see an apple commercial.  I just feel that Blackberry should play more commercials and get their name and phones out their more. 

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Re: People not understanding the software

For people who wish to learn to use the phone, there are many resources available, many on this site itself.
As for the advertising or BB10 devices, BlackBerry has committed millions of dollars to advertising them but have you noticed how much word of mouth is taking place? The new phones are the most talked about phones ever from BlackBerry and BlackBerry knows how powerful word of mouth advertising can be.

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Re: People not understanding the software





Yes, agreed, word of mouth is very good advertising - however the down side is obviously is if word of mouth advertising is confirming that the Z10 is a great phone, let down by atrocious support from BlackBerry. - and this seems to me to be what word of mouth advertising is telling me at the moment. Obviously the phone, operating system, etc are all new, but Blackberry need to listen and act on what people are saying about this phone. If the phone is good ( which in my opinion it is) and if this was allied to excellent support from BlackBerry then word of mouth advertising would be excellent and the phone/s would fly off the shelves. Only my opinion, but I don't think BlackBerry support is currently good enough....