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Prediction dictionary management

I often used the prediction words on my BlackBerry Z10's keyboard, but sometimes I don't want it remember some words (because it's belong to my secret). I think BlackBerry need have an item to manage predict dictionary in a new version of OS10.

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Re: Prediction dictionary management

It's a feature in current BB 10 phones. Swipe down from the top of your screen and follow Settings>Language and Input>Prediction and Correction. Near the bottom of the screen is Learn New Words. If you turn that off before you type, any words you input into the phone will not be remembered.



I hope that helps you.  Smiley Happy

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Re: Prediction dictionary management

Thank you for your help!

But I don't want turn off it. I'm only want to clear or add some words because I'm using Vietnamese but without sign (for example: "Viet Nam" for "Việt Nam") so the predicting of the BB10 don't understand. I also want use Word Substitution because I have to remember too many words.

I want send my mind to BlackBerry but my English ability is not good.

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Re: Prediction dictionary management

I concur with your thoughts.

My Z30 has stopped "learning" (it has even forgotten some predictions that it previously knew) and it'd be nice to expand and control the learned dictionary.

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Re: Prediction when writing


when i write a message, a predictive-spellig word appear on my spacebar, but sometimes the word that i want to insert is correctly spelled by me and appears just up the spacebar, but i don't know how to insert it against the predictive-correcting word which appear on the spacebar. it seems that the only way to preserve the word that i want to insert and not being replaced by the default predictive-correcting word is to erase back the predictive-corecting word, which is time consuming.  why is the word that i write appearing upside spacebar, over the predictive-correcting word and i can't insert my word. i've tried to swipe down, but is not working. if i swipe up just the predictive-correcting word on the specebar is inserted,  that i don't want. which is the gesture i have to do to keep my written word over the word written on spacebar?

thank you!