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Progress on Auto BCC

First let me say that I'm very happy with the new "delete from hub not server" option.  It took a while but I'm glad it's there and it seems to be working for me.  That was a big one for me!


I'm an independant contractor in the engineering and energy sector and as such have a few different e-mail accounts that I have to manage.  Some are IMAP, some are MS exchange and some are POP.  Some of them I have no direct control over, some of them I am required not to retain data on 3rd part servers etc.  It's complicated.  


For a number of reasons I am required to retain for some clients all communications on my own servers and to accomplish that found the BB7 era auto BCC functionality extraordinarily easy and effective for my needs.  I recently switched from a 9900 to a shiney new Z30.  Overall I love the new device but am struggling to arrive at a solution to replace the auto BCC function.  I have read many threads on this topic and hve evaluated all of those suggestions (most involving IMAP and 3rd part servers) and have settled for the time being on manually BCC to myself.  The fact that there is no immediately visable BCC field and that it is located another menu level deep makes this very time consuming for me.


In any case, as this has been a documented issue for over a year on these forums; and that I am not that up to date on all the goings on here, I was hoping that someone could give me a quick update in relation to the latest software


Thanks in Advance

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Re: Progress on Auto BCC

I'm running on my Z30. When composing emails from within the Hub, the option to 'Add BCC' is still one menu level deep from the Compose page but it's right there on the Action Bar (it's in the Overflow Menu) and is very easy to do, IMHO. I tried adding a BCC to an email and I'll be darned if it took me more than half a second for the extra step. So perhaps it's not right where you'd like to see it but the extra step can be considered minimal.



Cheers.  Smiley Happy

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Re: Progress on Auto BCC

it's the small détails that makes you crazy.
why not having auto bcc as we had before ? or as i find on Android KitKat ?
It's not a "can't live without" but why BB is taking steps back and not forward ?
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Re: Progress on Auto BCC

Any news on this subjet? I REALLY need the Auto BCC feature, or otherwise I am stuck with my old 9810!
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Re: Progress on Auto BCC

Hi Guys,


Is there any update on Auto BCC function being incorporated in Z30 model?

Is there any way we can contact the B;ackBerry technical team & urge them to give us a solution?


Pls revert in case you guys have any info. on this.