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Social Media Accounts & Contact Profiles

I know this has been mentioned before, but it hasn't seemed to be fixed or had any solutions provided.


As a fairly new university grad, 90% of my facebook/linkedin contacts have moved and/or changed phone numbers in the last year or two.  But not surprising very few of them have updated their numbers on social media (totally understandable with all the privacy concerns lately).  So I turned off FB, Linked, Twitter etc in my contact list app which works fine.  But that's the end of the good.


- I can't manually overwrite my friends outdated phone numbers, so their downloaded information is just there.  Even if I add their new number, the old one still shows up which completely defeats the purpose so I have to remember what number is current anyway

- To get around this, I manually created new entries for all the important people with their proper numbers only.  Two failures on this front:

i) it automatically links these profiles to the linkedin/facebook/twitter accounts with the same name.  it should AT LEAST be prompted as I'm trying to get away from this.  This is with those accounts turned off in the app remember.  Instead it's more like they've just been hidden from view.  No good.

ii) This is the part that prompted me to register and make this post.  When I need to text someone, I open the compose screen then search for their name, but the way results show up I get all the social media info first.  I was wondering why a few people haven't replied to me over the last couple weeks and that's why.  I see a number, and I use it - but it's the outdated numbers downloaded from FB for example.  I turned those contact lists off, but they're still showing up everywhere outside of the contacts app itself.  Frustrating.

- For some reason, it knows when my newly created contact is the same person as say FB, but it still can't combine my FB, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles to one entry (in the case I have a mutual contact between each). 


In fact, I just confirmed right now. I use universial search for a friend, say Mike, to send him a text.  It only shows the first 2 of 4 contacts but low and behold - they're both out of date.  I have to expand the list and there he is, the last option.  Completely backwards!  I use hub->compose text and search for Mike, and again he's the last one after a FB email address and two incorrect phone numbers.


I don't know if the BB guys monitor this forum, but I REALLY hope they get it fixed in 10.2 ASAP, because this is a huge, huge, huge drawback that's been bugging me from day 1 and I'm hitting the tipping point.  My proposed solution:

- If the facebook, twitter, linkedin, etc contacts are disabled in the contacts app, that should apply phone-wide.  When I search "John Doe" to send him a text, I ONLY see his contact info for his currently enabled (ie. manually created or sim) profile.

- An ideal compromise: the ability to permanantly overwrite any contact info in their profile (currently can't do this).  I like how it downloads profile pictures and shows social media stats for my friends, but the feature flunks out immediately when you can't manually change their contact info.  Who here actually uses their main email address for sites like FB?  Who thinks to update their FB phone number when they move?  Half of us probably don't even remember that it's on there...

- And I can't stress enough, simply adding a new, extra phone number to those contacts simply isn't an option - I'll still have to remember "is he the -2468 or -3579 number?"


Well, that's how it SHOULD work anyway.  Sorry if it came off as a little ranty but I really hope it gets fixed, or this phones going to soon find itself on craigslist.