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Suggested BB10 Features

I've been using a BlackBerry device since 2006, including the Z10 since its release in Canada. It is a great operating system with some great features, but it also has many shortcomings. BlackBerry seems to have trouble looking at their devices from a consumer's (business or otherwise) point of view. They also seem to lack internally the catalyst that drives and/or inspires creativity. Below I provide a list of suggested features and improvements that may help BlackBerry retain users, and bring in new ones. I hope the folks at Blackberry read this message and act upon it quickly. BlackBerry seems to do too little too late.


1) BBM Group messages and updates in the Hub (just like it did in prior BB OSes). 


2) A quick way to send a small voice or video clip in BBM (much like snapchat)


3) What happened to the "send my location" function? That was a great feature. Bring it back.


4) Ability to set chat subject headings.


5) A desktop client for BBM. Mainstream consumers and professionals will love this! It has the potential of replacing internal instant messaging platforms such as Lotus Notes' Sametime.


6) Further to point 5), build and aggressively market an email platform that rivals Lotus Notes and Outlook. If BlackBerry is the best at email, then it needs to dominate everything to do with email. This will help create a BlackBerry ecosystem.


7) Add numbers to the top of the keyboard (touchscreen models). People use numbers all the time (especially professionals). Samsung Galaxy has it, and its adds to the typing experience.


8) The phone, search and camera should not behave as "Apps." They should operate as part of the OS. When I swipe upward from the phone, search or camera, I should not see active frames. Instead, they should disappear and only reappear when I tap each respective icon.


9) A more robust dropdown menu (the one that includes settings, rotation lock, etc.). Things like screen brightness should be easily accessible. Perhaps create panes in the dropdown menu (ability to swipe left and right for more commonly accessed settings). 


10) Last but not least...stop overpricing your devices. BlackBerry needs to repenetrate the market. Get as many devices into the market as possible. Take the hit for a year or so by selling devices at a discount (not below cost, but at a very small profit). In the long-run shareholders will benefit from an increased subscriber base, not a base that is currently in freefall.


I'd also like to see a sleek looking slider!