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Registered: ‎03-02-2012
My Device: Torch 9810
My Carrier: Vodafone

Text prediction is annoying in multi-language environment


I have set two languages for my keyboard: italian and english.


I write most of the time in italian and I hate the word prediction keeping proposing me english word, even inside long italian-only sentences. The system should be much less inclined to change the language since usually you don't change language in the same email, even less in the same sentence!


One of the most annyoing things is that it keeps changing the word "i" (italian, definite article) into the word "I" (english, pronoun). I shouldn't keep correcting my messages because the system suddenly thinks I am using the english pronoun after tens or hundred of words in italian, it's stupid and doesn't help me to be fast and typing without being worried about what the auto-correction will disrupt, and it will, since I must correct the auto-correction all the time. And it isn't learning, it's been more than two weeks and I've almost always corrected the capital I in my sentences.

The hold system is much better, at least if I choose the italian keyboard doesn't propose english word and viceversa; although I don't remember to get a lot of italian words inside english messages, looks like english always has a priority.


I used Dev Alpha until 3 weeks ago, when I've got the Q10, so I'm living with this for months.


Another minor issue with text input: in the old BB the keyboard "status" (Caps Lock, ALT-Lock, the single shift) resets every time you change the input field. I am accustomed to it, and I find that the Q10 behavior of keeping the keyboard status between text input is a little confusing, but I can change my habit. I find less bearable the status icon in the top right corner, visible even while I'm not typing (for example inside the, much improvable, music app or the camera).



I'm looking forward to your feedback.