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Voice Control & My Two Cents

When you give the Voice Control and command as simple as "Set my alarm for 8 pm" or "Set the alarm for 8 pm" the feedback response is "would you like to search the internet for set my alarm for 8 pm?


Are you kidding me? We have to get this right and we have to do it now! 

I can do the same command on my iPhone 5 and it flat out, no questions asked, sets my alarm for 8:00 pm and takes me right to the alarm which gives me the assurance it is set as well as the option to change it or shut it off.


This kind of stuff will kill this phone IMHO.  To be clear, I am a huge supporter of Blackberry and have NEVER been a huge fan of Apple.  I have been forced there through necessity.  I want to come back.  I have bought close to 15,000 shares and went out straight away on day two and purchased the Z10 outright.  I am not going to stick the SIM card in it until I am confident the phone will meet my need sufficiently.  That does not include being frustrated by a Voice Control system that does not work properly.  Apple got it right, not Blackberry NEEDS to follow suit.  We are not re-inventing the wheel in many cases here.  We are should be, first and foremost, focusing on duplicating functions and features what works with precise accuracy then then personalize them to fit with the Blackberry 10 operating system.


Two other things I really dislike about the phone.  Having to confirm every time that I want to delete something.  This needs to have a setting to bypass the "mothering" of this function.  Believe me, when I tell you that when I open up the menu and hit the TRASH can to delete something, I have already made the decision to to so, I do not need a cooling off period or to be questioned as to what my intent is with "do you really want to delete this item" or whatever it says.

Next, I dislike having an entire keyboard prompt for unlocking the phone.  I love the iPhone's large numeric key pad!  

When I want into my phone, I want in now.  I do not want to be held up with having to very carefully type in my password no more than I want to be held up with being asked it I want to really delete an email or not.  Just give us a couple of options in the settings for these functions, that is all I ask. 


Thirdly, we need to bust a gut, no holding back, whatever it takes ... to identify the applications that people want and get them out NOW!  Nothing will make the "Cross-over"(business & personal) people lose interest in this phone faster than having to go to their iPhones every time they want to play a simple game of Words with Friends or as meaningful as Logging into thier RBC application for check their bank account or trade a stock. 




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Re: Voice Control & My Two Cents

Hello kbfunkster,


Thank you for your feedback and suggestion we appreciate this and will pass this information to our development team.


Thank you.



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Re: Voice Control & My Two Cents

I totally agree with this post, I've had my BBZ10 on the TMO Network for over a week now and the voice control is my 1st disappointment with the features. I keep trying to be patient and train the voice control, but saying that alone is frustrating. I have friends that have the iPhone 5 and the voice control on that device is absolutely wonderful and was so looking forward to the same or better feature on this BBZ10. Please have the developers look into this and send out an update soon.


2nd disappointment on this device is the BlackBerry Bridge App to link my BlackBerry Playbook. I went from a BBTorch 9810 which featured the ability to link "Notepad, Email, BBM, Calendar, and more features" that the new BBZ10 bridge will only link the remote control and data tethering. Please have the developers look into an update for this feature as well, it would be greatly appreciated.