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Re: Z10 has auto on off mode?

Xandrex wrote:

Xandrex wrote:
set an alarm and turn your z10 off. This is the closest to your need.

I have tested, and confirm that this absolutely does not work. :-(

The alarm rings only after you manually turn on the phone.



     I have also confirmed that fact last night as well.   When I manually turn on the phone, the Alarm then goes off and indiacties the current time as the alarm time, lol.


   This actually made me late for work the first time I used it.  The Boss was ok with it.    oh ya... I'm the Boss Smiley Happy 

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Re: Z10 has auto on off and Bedside mode?

I think bedside mode is the same as old standby, but more advanced. It doesn't use any power almost. Maybe 5% during the whole night. While accepting calls and emails. While you sleep.
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Re: Z10 has auto on off and Bedside mode?

No way dude. Auto on and off uses absolutely no energy and extends the battery life considerably. I wouldn't consider bedside mode as a substitute. I've used it and I still had to charge my phone because it was wasting energy while was sleeping. Bedside mode would be like a standby (no quite one because the screen isn't off and many more), whereas auto on and off would be more like hibernation (not quite one either because the phone remembers nothing about it's previous state).


Blackberry could come with significant battery autonomy if they can harness true stanby and hibernation techniques.

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Re: Z10 has auto on off and Bedside mode?

How I set up my Z10 in order to ridiculously enhance the battery autonomy (about the double life span):

1-    Make sure Bluetooth and WiFi are on when you need them.
2-    Since I only use vibration, I made sure the System Volume was zero.
3-    If you have multiple email accounts, make sure the ones you use less often are NOT set on PUSH then set the Sync Interval to your preference.
4-    Dim your display. I use the dimmest and figured out over time you I did not even notice the difference.
5-    Disable “Allow Gestures when locked”. This prevents your phone from keeping an eye out all the time for screen gestures. Less processing = less power hungry phone (This may take some time to get used to since you’ll have to press the power button every time you need to resume your device)
6-    Remove any apps you don’t use.
7-    Download BX Battery Info in App World in order to effectively monitor your battery.
8-    Then, set your phone on Bedside Mode instead of Auto On and Off (since it's not there anymore)

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Z10 must add Auto On Off and Bedside mode

Thanks for replies.


The bedside keep me sleeping like a baby, the auto on and off is for battery saving and

also to keep the phone quite during the night.


If I use bedside and forgot to turn it off the mode?










Eli Keren
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Re: Z10 must add Auto On Off and Bedside mode

You may need to resurect Alexander Graham Bell on this one. Beats me... O_o

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Re: Z10 has auto on off and Bedside mode?

This did not work for me - swiped many times and nothing happened.  I HATE that there is no auto on and off.  Why would BB remove such a great feature...step bacwards as far as I am concerned.

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Re: Z10 has auto on off and Bedside mode?

It's Absolutely RIDICULOUS that BB/RIM Excluded Most of the Old Options we Used BBs for in the First Place.

Come on BB/RIM, Please Go Back to Being the BB U were sooo Loved For. STOP Forgetting the people that Loved U for U & STOP Trying to be like Other Smart Phone Makers!!! Put Back ALL of the OLD Options we Once Had along With your NEW Options. That's what will make U the GREATEST of All!!!

This ISN'T the time to CHANGE From what U once were bcuz real BB users Loved what U once were! This is the Time to ADD to what U once were to make U Far Better, NOT DELETE what U once were!

PLEASE LISTEN For Once BB/RIM!!! Please Give us Back ALL the Options we LOVED BB For, bcuz You'd be sooo Close to Perfection if U Added ALL of the NEW Options to ALL of the OLD Options..... And oh, perhaps an INSTANT BACK Button or an INSTANT MENU Button bcuz ALL this SWIPING (and from the EXACT Starting Point or U gotta do it Again) is a Real PAIN & Time Challenging! And Please Make the Changes to BOTH BBZ10 & BBQ10, Thanks Hey!

That's just my opinion & I'm sticking with it Smiley Wink
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Re: Z10 has auto on off and Bedside mode?

KayceeP -


I echo everything you just said.


BB/RIM are you listening?????   I have been to several forums and other sites and read the same things.  What will you do?    


Alicia Keys...is BB listening.  If they aren't going to listen to us...the loyal (8 years) BB users then who will they listen to?

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Re: Z10 has auto on off and Bedside mode?

hi GLflyboy,

BlackBerry listens to the carriers, who report to BlackBerry the most common comments that their subscribers to do their hotline & shop.
So if you want BlackBerry to hear you, tell everything to your carrier.

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