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Adding a second Blackberry Server, advice/help ?


     I've currently got an existing BES install up and running in an exchange 2003 environment, we're currently in the process of changing network provider. With the change of provider we will get all new handsets and a updated BES installation, either 4.1 or 5. I was wondering is it possible for me to install the new version of BES onto another server within the network while running the old server, as this would allow me to fully test the server and slightly stagger the transfer process. 


 I've read there can be problems with running 2 different Bes installation on the same network but assuming this would work okay as long as i've got a different SRP Id/Key. Can anyone tell me if this setup would be okay ? 


Also if i setup the new box using a trial SRP ID/Key is there any problems involved in changing this when i get the new ID/Key from my service provider. 


Any info would be great 



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Re: Adding a second Blackberry Server, advice/help ?

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Not sure about 5.0 server, but I just added a second 4.1.6 server recently.  I obtained a temporary SRP ID from RIM (while I waited for my real license to arrive) and added the second server to my original BlackBerry domain.  Here's a couple of steps that I took:


I am using SQL Express 2005, and just pointed Server #2 to SERVERNAME\SQLEXPRESS under the database instance

Make sure you have the same MAPI/CDO.DLL versions and AD/Exchange permissions you had on Server 1

Make sure both servers are using the same blackberry router (my router is on a third server)

Changing the SRP was easy.  Under Server Properties, I copied and pasted in the new SRP info, and restarted the services on the second server. (Only has 5 test users currently)


Hope this helps!

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Re: Adding a second Blackberry Server, advice/help ?

You can run 2 BES servers with different SRPs. Thats how some upgrade. You cant share the same database with different versions though.


Hopefully you get BES 5.0 and you can run both side by side and move users over using transporter.

But you will have to recreate your ITpolicies from scratch.


With BES 4.1 you can upgrade inplace or knife edge it to new hardware. If you are going in for the long haul a new box would be nice if possible or at least rebuild the current box. ( I am the type that likes it all new, where possible)


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Re: Adding a second Blackberry Server, advice/help ?

You can run as many BES on the same network as long as the SRP is valid and not duplicated on another BES in the world. 


Have you considered an inplace upgrade of the old BES?  Once scenario you could perform is installing the new 'test' BES onto it's own local MSDE database with some test devices.  Then upgrade the old bes to 4.1 and join the test bes to that domain/database.  Move the users over to the new hardware via the management console and decom the old bes.  You would then be able to EA all users and retain their settings that were in the old database as opposed to a complete re-wipe.


Or simply coordinate the new devices with removing them from the old bes and adding them to the new BES.  There are also other ways to cutover users into new databases depending on your deployment plan.