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Allow Duplicate Contact Setting

I'm hoping this is the correct group to post this question ... I'm wondering if anyone out there knows where is the Allow Duplicate setting on the server configuration. Here's the problem I'm having:


Our users keep different pieces of data for common contacts. Some may have a home number for someone whereas a second person who has the same contact only has their direct connect and mobile number. Then there are the multiple emails for certain contacts. There may be a home email and a work email, for example. What I did was check all of the contacts when I got a copy of them from every blackberry user (there are only seven) and there are enough minute differences that will drive you up a wall. It was easy to make a single address book, merge each users address book together with the common book, then clean import the new address book into their desktop (Outlook). Now that I have a clean, unduplicated address book for each user I then update them by using that list. However, maintenance falls into the problem stated earlier, which is contact duplicates on their devices.

As far as the source of the duplication, since I've already corrected their contacts on their desktop. Each user has an unduplicated and clean contact list. The problem occurs with the Allow Duplicate setting I noted earlier. Because allow duplicates are turned on, the blackberry server sees a similar contact on the device that does not contain a direct connect number, for example, and instead of overwriting the existing contact, it creates a new one because it can.
When I spoke with Sprint/Blackberry, I told the rep about my finding the Allow Duplicate setting on the device and that I turned it off. He then told me that it is not a setting that can be controlled by the device if it is synched with a blackberry server. It is a setting that needs to be turned off at the server level.


Hence, my problem in finding this elusive setting. Any takers? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Re: Allow Duplicate Contact Setting



Try this link out out.


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Re: Allow Duplicate Contact Setting

Thanks for the reply ... I've found an article with the same steps for another reason. However, our IT department deemed it necessary to remove the desktop software because wireless synch was to handle everything. Since they are not keen on reinstalling this app, is there anything that can be done on the server side? My only other option is to have the user reset their device to factory defaults.