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BES 4.1.7 setup - IT Policy items are missing

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I have setup 2 brand new server with 4.1.7 full install file and noticed that there is a difference between the servers I had upgraded from 4.1.6 MR7 to 4.1.7 and new, clean install of the BES 4.1.7 on different server and new remote DB.

For both ( new server setup and upgrade) same file has been used besx_4.1.7.exe



Missing Items are like following:


Complete Certification Authority Profile Policy Group
Allow T-Mobile Mobile Backup Contact Sync in Service exclusivity group
Automatic Time Zone Change Detection I Date and time group
Enable Time Zone Definitions Update
Time Zone Definitions Automatic Update Interval
Time Zone Definitions Update Server
Lock on Proximity Authantication Disconnect in Security Group
Encryption On on-board device Memory Media Files
Media Card Format On Device Wipe
Require Notes Native Encryption For Outgoing Messages in Email Messig, group
Confirm External Image Download

etc etc


I found also  that some of the New IT policy rules in this release coming with 4.1.7 are not there as well. See here:




For example missing :


Policy group                    Rule    

Mobile chalkboard™         Allow Launch of Mobile chalkboard

Desktop                       Allow IP Modem application


All these were there over the time and none of them installed by importing separate custom policies. Very weird . Anybody else has noticed it or is having same issues?

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Posts: 724
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My Device: Z10
My Carrier: Fido

Re: BES 4.1.7 setup - IT Policy items are missing

Wired Software Upgrade Group is also missing now.Smiley Mad

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Re: BES 4.1.7 setup - IT Policy items are missing

I'm also missing the Media Card Format on Device Wipe IT policy rule. I would like to set this but not the External File System Encryption Level IT policy rule.


Running BES Version:


This is all we have in the Security Group:

Lock on Smart Card Removal
Force Smart Card Two Factor Authentication
Disable Untrusted Certificate Use
Disable Revoked Certificate Use
Disable Message Normal Send
Disable Peer-to-Peer Normal Send
Disable Security Data Low Security
Key Store Password Maximum Timeout
Certificate Status Cache Timeout
Disallow Third Party Application Downloads
Force Lock When Holstered
Allow Third Party Apps to Use Serial Port
Allow Third Party Apps to Use Persistent Store
Content Protection Strength
Allow Internal Connections
Allow External Connections
Allow Split-Pipe Connections
Disable Invalid Certificate Use
Disable Weak Certificate Use
Trusted Certificate Thumbprints
Disable Key Store Backup
Certificate Status Maximum Expiry Time
Disable Stale Status Use
Disable Cut/Copy/Paste
Disable Radio When Cradled
Disable Forwarding Between Services
FIPS Level
Allow Outgoing Call When Locked
Disable Unverified CRLs
Security Service Colors
Disable 3DES Transport Crypto
Disable Persisted Plain Text
Minimal Signing Key Store Security Level
Minimal Encryption Key Store Security Level
Desktop Backup
Disable Unverified Certificate Use
Disable IP Modem
Allow Smart Card Password Caching
Disable GPS
Force Content Protection of Master Keys
Force LED Blinking When Microphone Is On
Force Include Address Book In Content Protection
Disable Stale Certificate Status Checks
Disable External Memory
Disable USB Mass Storage
External File System Encryption Level
Disable Media Manager FTP Access
Disable Smart Password Entry
Force Smart Card Two Factor Challenge Response
Secure Wipe If Low Battery
Secure Wipe Delay After IT Policy Received
Secure Wipe Delay After Lock
Firewall Block Incoming Messages
Required Password Pattern
Require Secure APB Messages
Password Required for Application Download
Allow Resetting of Idle Timer
Remote Wipe Reset to Factory Defaults
Allow Screen Shot Capture
Disable Public Photo Sharing Applications
Disable Geo-Tagging of Photos
Message Classification Title
Firewall Whitelist Addresses
Weak Digest Algorithms
Maximum Smart Card User Authenticator Certificate Status Check Period
Security Transcoder Cod File Hashes
Disable Public Social Networking Applications
Force Lock When Closed
Allowed Authentication Mechanisms
Force Multi Factor Authentication

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Re: BES 4.1.7 setup - IT Policy items are missing

You are on BES 5 and posted in a BES 4 thread?


I dont see the relevance.


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