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BES 5.0 not working

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Hi, I am new working with BES.


We have installed two BES 5.0 servers here, one primary, and one standby.I started to get problem since Last thursday(9th Apr) morning.


 (1) New BB handsets can not activate, it stops at the first step in Enterprise Activation-----although I got some sign that the EPT.DAT email has been sent to Exchange Server and retrieved by BES 5.0 Server.

 (2) Those registerred BB handsets can not connect with BES anymore.

 (3) SRP connection seems fine, if I test it in  "BES Server Configuration";




BES 5.0 is still a beta version, but can anyone help me?




[30000] (04/14 10:02:07.796):{0x1018} [SERVICE_SRP:T********:0x009ED088] Receive: no data, ERROR=0
[30000] (04/14 10:02:07.796):{0x1018} [SERVICE_RELAY_SESSION:T********:0x00B20CF0] Disconnect session. IP=
[30000] (04/14 10:02:07.796):{0x1018} [SERVICE_SRP:T********:0x009ED088] disconnect
[30000] (04/14 10:02:07.796):{0x1018} [RELAY_SRP:T********:0x00B21110] disconnect
[30000] (04/14 10:02:08.796):{0x1A54} [DIAG] EVENT=Unregister_thread, THREADID=0x1A54, THREADNAME="SRPReceiverHandler"
[30000] (04/14 10:02:08.796):{0x1018} [SERVICE_MANAGER] Delete session. UID=T********, Session=0x00B20CF0
[30000] (04/14 10:02:08.796):{0x1018} [RELAY_SRP:T********:0x00B21110] Receive: invalid socket
[30000] (04/14 10:02:09.031):{0x1018} [SERVICE_SRP:T********:0x009ED088] disconnect
[30000] (04/14 10:02:09.031):{0x1018} [RELAY_SRP:T********:0x00B21110] disconnect
[30000] (04/14 10:05:50.796):{0x1010} [SERVICE_MANAGER] Connection established. Session=0x00B20CF0
[30000] (04/14 10:05:50.796):{0x1010} [SERVICE_RELAY_SESSION:UNKNOWN:0x00B20CF0] Accept service session. IP=, ServiceSession=0x009ED088
[30000] (04/14 10:05:50.796):{0x1DE0} [DIAG] EVENT=Register_thread, THREADID=0x1DE0, THREADNAME="SRPReceiverHandler"
[30000] (04/14 10:05:50.796):{0x1018} [SERVICE_RELAY_SESSION:T********:0x00B20CF0] Service claim UID. UID: T******** Requested SRP Version:3, IP=
[30000] (04/14 10:05:50.796):{0x1E04} [DIAG] EVENT=Register_thread, THREADID=0x1E04, THREADNAME="Unnamed"
[30000] (04/14 10:05:50.796):{0x1E04} [RELAY_SRP:UNKNOWN:0x00B21110] Connecting to relay at address "srp.ca.blackberry.net"
[30000] (04/14 10:05:50.843):{0x1E04} [RELAY_SRP:UNKNOWN:0x00B21110] Connect: Found 2 addresses for host "srp.ca.blackberry.net"
[30000] (04/14 10:05:50.843):{0x1E04} [RELAY_SRP:UNKNOWN:0x00B21110] Connect: Host "srp.ca.blackberry.net" @ []
[30000] (04/14 10:05:50.843):{0x1E04} [RELAY_SRP:UNKNOWN:0x00B21110] Connect: Host "srp.ca.blackberry.net" @ []
[30000] (04/14 10:05:50.843):{0x1E04} [RELAY_SRP:UNKNOWN:0x00B21110] Connect: Trying "srp.ca.blackberry.net" @ []
[30000] (04/14 10:05:50.859):{0x1E04} [SERVICE_RELAY_SESSION:T********:0x00B20CF0] Connection to relay established.
[30000] (04/14 10:05:50.859):{0x1E04} [DIAG] EVENT=Unregister_thread, THREADID=0x1E04, THREADNAME="Unnamed"
[30000] (04/14 10:07:50.796):{0x1018} [SERVICE_SRP:T********:0x009ED088] Receive: no data, ERROR=0
[30000] (04/14 10:07:50.796):{0x1018} [SERVICE_RELAY_SESSION:T********:0x00B20CF0] Disconnect session. IP=
[30000] (04/14 10:07:50.796):{0x1018} [SERVICE_SRP:T********:0x009ED088] disconnect
[30000] (04/14 10:07:50.796):{0x1018} [RELAY_SRP:T********:0x00B21110] disconnect
[30000] (04/14 10:07:51.796):{0x1DE0} [DIAG] EVENT=Unregister_thread, THREADID=0x1DE0, THREADNAME="SRPReceiverHandler"
[30000] (04/14 10:07:51.796):{0x1018} [SERVICE_MANAGER] Delete session. UID=T96009361, Session=0x00B20CF0
[30000] (04/14 10:07:51.796):{0x1018} [RELAY_SRP:T********:0x00B21110] Receive: invalid socket
[30000] (04/14 10:07:59.031):{0x1018} [SERVICE_SRP:T********:0x009ED088] disconnect
[30000] (04/14 10:07:59.031):{0x1018} [RELAY_SRP:T********:0x00B21110] disconnect

[30000] (04/14 10:12:09.812):{0x1010} [SERVICE_MANAGER] Connection established. Session=0x00B20CF0
[30000] (04/14 10:12:09.812):{0x1010} [SERVICE_RELAY_SESSION:UNKNOWN:0x00B20CF0] Accept service session. IP=, ServiceSession=0x009ED088
[30000] (04/14 10:12:09.812):{0x414} [DIAG] EVENT=Register_thread, THREADID=0x414, THREADNAME="SRPReceiverHandler"
[30000] (04/14 10:12:09.812):{0x1018} [SERVICE_RELAY_SESSION:T********:0x00B20CF0] Service claim UID. UID: T96009361 Requested SRP Version:3, IP=
[30000] (04/14 10:12:09.812):{0x18C} [DIAG] EVENT=Register_thread, THREADID=0x18C, THREADNAME="Unnamed"





[30000] (04/14 10:02:07.796):{0x1068} [SRP] SRPClient::ReceivePacket: Timeout receiving Header
[20000] (04/14 10:02:07.796):{0x1068} [SRP] SRPClient::Connect: Error calling host "localhost" [] (0)
[20000] (04/14 10:02:07.796):{0x1068} [SRP] Connection failed
[20460] (04/14 10:02:07.796):{0x1068} [SRP] Connection failed
[30339] (04/14 10:02:35.093):{0x10A0} {wallace115} Forwarding AGENT_SYNC data to external service, size=335, intTag=125, extTag=107
[30388] (04/14 10:02:35.093):{0x1094} [BIPPa] {wallace115} Forwarding status to BES Agent (T********_001), intTag=125, extTag=107
[30340] (04/14 10:02:35.109):{0x10A8} [BIPPa] {wallace115} Forwarding agent_sync data to BES Agent (T********_001), size=2044, intTag=198, extTag=115
[30316] (04/14 10:02:35.109):{0x10B0} {wallace115} Forwarding status to external service, intTag=198, extTag=115, Status=1
[30000] (04/14 10:07:50.796):{0x1068} [SRP] SRPClient::ReceivePacket: Timeout receiving Header
[20000] (04/14 10:07:50.796):{0x1068} [SRP] SRPClient::Connect: Error calling host "localhost" [] (0)
[20000] (04/14 10:07:50.796):{0x1068} [SRP] Connection failed
[20460] (04/14 10:07:50.796):{0x1068} [SRP] Connection failed
[30450] (04/14 10:07:59.484):{0x10B0} {xxxxx xxxxx} User unchanged (disp): id=10, email=xxxxx@xxxxxx.com, device=30155275, routing=xxxxxxx@xxxxxx.com, agent=001, time=49E36461, ext=1, wl=0, keys=(0:3:0)
[30450] (04/14 10:10:00.421):{0x10C8} {wallace115} User unchanged (disp): id=6, email=wallace115@xxxxxxx.com, device=4024E63F, routing=T********, agent=001, time=49DCE194, ext=1, wl=0, keys=(0:A:0)
[30181] (04/14 10:10:50.656):{0xED8} Performing system health check (BlackBerry Dispatcher Version
[30490] (04/14 10:10:50.656):{0xED8} Health score: Health=0x000000073310150F

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Re: BES 5.0 not working

Looks like your using a T code SRP which usually means a temporary one. I have a feeling the Temp SRP expired which is why it is never connecting. I would contact BB Support and see if they can verify the SRP code.


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Re: BES 5.0 not working

Hi cedric_wallace,


FaceMan is correct, this is a temp SRP ID (T96009361 as listed in the log snip you posted) which expired on April 7th, 2009 (90 days from first connection to the BlackBerry Infrastructure Jan 7th, 2009). Since this temp SRP has expired you will be required to purchase a production SRP ID to get reconnected. RIM does not extend temp SRP ID's beyond 90 days or reissue additional temp SRP ID's. Also, as a friendly side note, BES 5.0 is not officially released until May 5th so don't be alarmed if none of the BlackBerry Technical Advisors respond to any additional posts you make about BES 5.0 before then.


Have an awesome day Robot wink

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Re: BES 5.0 not working

Hi, FaceMan and HighRoad,


I think you are right. This should be the problem. Our server started on Jan 8th and stopped on 9th Apr.

I'll try to get a new license and let's see what will happen next.


Thanks. I am so suprised that you find out the problem so quickly!