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New Contributor
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Registered: ‎05-26-2008
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BES Router VMware

Hi everybody! The situation is:


BES (Full install) --> Virtual Machine running VMware ESX 3.5 Update 1

The Router Service create a listener to port 3101 at the IP

If I telnet the ip it can close the connection - OK

If I telnet the real ip 192.X.X.X it can´t close the connection - Not OK.



Bes Router Install --> Hard Machine running Windows 2003 and can comunicate with Blackberry.net

The Router Service create a listener to port 3101 at the IP

If I telnet the ip it can close the connection - OK

If I telnet the real ip 200.x.x.x it can close the connection - OK.

If I telnet from a different PC it´s works too.


I had found this post in another forum:



Well, thanks for any help, sorry my English mistakes. I´m from Brazil.

New Contributor
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Re: BES Router VMware

[ Edited ]

Interesting situation. Looking at the other article you found, it has a tip to try setting HKLM\software\Research In Motion\BlackBerryRouter\AllowRemoterServices = 1. Did you try this suggestion?


Also, what do you see when you look at the output of netstat -nao? Does it show the BlackberryRouter.exe listening on and/or ? I agree with that other article, my understanding is it really has to be listening on

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New Contributor
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Re: BES Router VMware

Hi, Applejack99.


Yes, I had try to configure this Key in the registry. Very disappoint situation Smiley Sad.


Maybe we will not break the Router service and use a NAT configuration to access SRP´s.


My mobile support redirect this problem to RIM, if they answer I will reply here.


Thanks for any Help.

New Contributor
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Registered: ‎05-26-2008
My Device: Not Specified

Re: BES Router VMware

Well problem solved.


First the Reg Key, works. But the test at SRP Connection test don´t. One Guy from RIM come´s to my Office and told me "This is normal because they are not connecting directely to SRP , it is talking with a proxy." I disconve this before this Guy comes, I open the Manager and see SRP Status: Connected.....


Now the answer is: BES 4.1.5 works at Vmware 3.5 Update 1.


Thanks for everyone....

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Re: BES Router VMware

Just as an FYI ... KB04405 - VMware software support for the BlackBerry Enterprise Server
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Re: BES Router VMware

Running VMware's latest and greatest patches may also be your downfall for the future, as has been my personal experience with my own customers. Heed caution on updates on this.


Once working, keep a check on on the Router Log for excessive traffic...this log file should not exceed approx 20kb or so...with reason though. We have customers you work perfectly in on core servers and then move to VM and found issues with traffic on the router service.


So the connectivity issues expereinced now may continue later with excessive traffic.



Something to keep in mind.