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BES Trial Version Migrate to new install-

Hello all,


I downloaded and installed BES on a spare network monitoring system, to evaluate BES for my Exchange 2003 enviromet (specifically for the president of the college). I did the plain vanilla install with a BES admin account, and the MSDE database. It has all worked great! My problem is the success of it- I made a caveat that if the number of users grew beyond 4, that the College would have to buy a server, and an SQL license to run BES (a dedicated server, in other words). Here is my situation- We got the new server, I installed SQL 2005, I downloaded the BES software from the original download link that came from RIM. I installed everything, and patched everything. I still have everyone running on the (original) server- 4 smartphones.

When I launch BlackBerry Manager on the new server it comes up with a info box "Your Evaluation license will expire in 89 days" I have a looking version of the manager as well- with a BlackBerry Domain tab with BES (new server) in Blue and BES_MD5-CS_1 (the original server) in green.


Ok, here is my question: I see that there is an option on the New BES sever to 'Remove BlackBerry Enterprise Server', does that mean that when I wipe the smartphones and move them to the new server (database), that when I clear out the old one, and have everyone running on the new server, that I can remove the old server and have it not be evaluation software? (whew! sorry about the run on sentence)


Or, Do I have to wipe the new server, wipe all the smart phones, do a clean install of the new server and add all of the users?


My concern is that I not be in a position to have to BUY the BES software- We have purchased 4 BlackBerrys that we would not have otherwise gone with. I have bought the other 4 CALs that I need for the phones, which makes 5 with the included license.


I can use my one support ticket to talk to RIM, but I thought that perhaps someone here can 'show me the way'<grin>




John Loucks

Mendocino College (poor northern california college....)

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Re: BES Trial Version Migrate to new install-

John -


When you downloaded the software did it come with a temporary license to use in addition to the license you already have installed on the other server?


When you ran the install did you point it to a new SQL database or the existing MSDE one on the other server?


I would HIGHLY recommend using the 1 support call for this.  Installation / setup is the most important part of BES ... get it right and get it done.


If you have specific questions ask them, but from reading what you've posted it looks like you need to understand how to move from the current server to the new server ...


You need to 1) Migrate the SQL database and 2) decide if you'll do a phased migration or knife-edge migration.

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