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BES locks up my router/firewall


I am having a unique problem with BES. I was wondering if anyone could provide some insight or support



We have BES Express version 4.1.4 running on Small Business Server 2003. The server is a dual core, 4GB of RAM, etc. I think the server has more than enought resources.


The network firewall is a Netgear FVS124G. The firewall is configured using an active/active dual WAN connection. One WAN is Cable, the other is DSL. the firewall is configured to allow allow traffic from the inside to the outside. No BES-Specific inbound access rules are created.


I will attach the logs.



When the BES services are running, They lock up the firewall. One of the WAN lights (sometimes it's DSL and sometimes it's Cable) blinks very fast and nobody can access the internet. Nor can we browse to the device. If we reboot the firewall, it will eventually happen again. Eventually is defined as 15 minutes or 15 days or anytime in between.


During this period, there are lot of events in the event view that states problems with the SRP Connection.


Last night, I started the router, waitied 5 minutes with no problem, started the dispatcher, waiting five minutes without a problem, started the rest of the services, waited five minutes, no problem got in my car and after fifiteen minutes had to turn around because the internet was down.



Problem starting occuring in late July '09. recent changes around that time were some microsoft patches and changes in the Data plan from AT&T. The changes in the data plan were reversed. I suspect the Microsoft Patches (see below), but am trying to narrow down to a specific kb patch.


I am also blaming the netgear router. There are a number of postings on microsoft and netgear sites that states that this same problem is caused by live messenger and this model of router. I am troubleshooting this from the microsoft and netgear perspectives as well and very well may simply replace the router. But, in due deligence, I am trying to request some input from the BES perspective from this community.


This is an example:  http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en-CA/wlmessengerdev/thread/ecde5ec2-b823-4cca-ae2c-53932373...


What I have tried: 

- Installed Service pack 4.1.4a

- Disabled the MDS Service

- Reserverd the TCP port numbers as outlined in http://www.blackberry.com/btsc/microsites/search.do?cmd=displayKC&docType=kc&externalId=KB16001&slic... Id 



A recent update that affects both Live Messenger and BES. 





1. Is it common for BES to report problems with SRP connections when connected to multiple active WAN connections? It seems reasonable that the if the connection is made, then the firewall suddenly switches to another WAN service, that the SRP connection would be broken, have to be rebuilt, and we would need to rebuild the connection.

2. Is there any commonality that can be spoken to between BES and Live Messenger?

3. Perhaps the logs can provide more information?

4. Has anyone else had this problem?

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Dispatcher log.

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Dispatcher log portion

Well, I tried to upload some log files, but they didn't take.

here is a portion of the dispatcher log

[30000] (10/05 17:33:22.426):{0x1924} [DIAG] EVENT=Register_thread, THREADID=0x1924, THREADNAME="UserWorkerThread"
[30000] (10/05 17:33:22.426):{0x1904} [DIAG] EVENT=Register_thread, THREADID=0x1904, THREADNAME="UserWorkerThread"
[30000] (10/05 17:33:22.426):{0x203C} [DIAG] EVENT=Register_thread, THREADID=0x203C, THREADNAME="UserWorkerThread"
[35002] (10/05 17:33:22.426):{0x578} BESApbEngine has started
[50098] (10/05 17:33:22.426):{0x578} BlackBerry Dispatcher started
[30000] (10/05 17:33:22.426):{0x2050} [DIAG] EVENT=Register_thread, THREADID=0x2050, THREADNAME="SCS"
[30041] (10/05 17:33:22.426):{0x2050} Starting handheld for Mike Martin
[30448] (10/05 17:33:22.426):{0x2050} {Mike Martin} User changed (agent): id=3, email=mike@sac.to, device=241EE290, routing=S73159019, agent=<none>, ext=1, wl=0, keys=(A:A:0)
[30068] (10/05 17:33:22.426):{0x2050} User Mike Martin starting up...
[30041] (10/05 17:33:22.426):{0x2050} Starting handheld for Patrick Eastman
[30448] (10/05 17:33:22.426):{0x2050} {Patrick Eastman} User changed (agent): id=2, email=PatrickE@sac.to, device=241F9BFF, routing=S73159019, agent=<none>, ext=1, wl=0, keys=(A:A:0)
[30068] (10/05 17:33:22.426):{0x2050} User Patrick Eastman starting up...
[30304] (10/05 17:33:22.426):{0x2050} All handhelds (2) started
[30000] (10/05 17:33:22.473):{0x2004} [DIAG] EVENT=Unregister_thread, THREADID=0x2004, THREADNAME="SRPClientSessionReceiver"
[30127] (10/05 17:33:25.345):{0x3F0} [BIPPe] Connection established with 0x003eed90
[30000] (10/05 17:33:25.345):{0x212C} [DIAG] EVENT=Register_thread, THREADID=0x212C, THREADNAME="SRPReceiverHandler"
[30514] (10/05 17:33:25.361):{0x16E0} [BIPPe] (S73159019:C3,ITADMIN,APPD,SERVICE_BOOK,OTASL) Connecting secure client
[30513] (10/05 17:33:25.392):{0x16E0} [BIPPe] (S73159019:C3,ITADMIN,APPD,SERVICE_BOOK,OTASL) Authenticated 0x003eed90
[30127] (10/05 17:33:27.023):{0x2028} [BIPPa] Connection established with 0x00f06d88
[30513] (10/05 17:33:27.070):{0x404} [BIPPa] (S73159019_001) Authenticated 0x00f06d88
[30127] (10/05 17:33:32.192):{0x3F0} [BIPPe] Connection established with 0x00f065a0
[30127] (10/05 17:33:32.192):{0x3F0} [BIPPe] Connection established with 0x00f069d0
[30514] (10/05 17:33:32.192):{0x16E0} [BIPPe] (S73159019:C3,agent_sync) Connecting secure client
[30514] (10/05 17:33:32.208):{0x16E0} [BIPPe] (S73159019:C3,SYNC) Connecting secure client
[30513] (10/05 17:33:32.239):{0x16E0} [BIPPe] (S73159019:C3,agent_sync) Authenticated 0x00f065a0
[30513] (10/05 17:33:32.255):{0x16E0} [BIPPe] (S73159019:C3,SYNC) Authenticated 0x00f069d0
[30339] (10/05 17:33:32.270):{0x1940} {Mike Martin} Forwarding data to PIM Connector, size=299, intTag=121561, extTag=3306
[30339] (10/05 17:33:32.270):{0x1534} {Patrick Eastman} Forwarding data to PIM Connector, size=303, intTag=121562, extTag=3307
[30000] (10/05 17:33:34.446):{0x200C} SRPClient::ReceivePacket: No received bytes (0)
[20000] (10/05 17:33:34.446):{0x200C} SRPClient::Connect: Error calling host "localhost" [] (0)
[20460] (10/05 17:33:34.446):{0x200C} [SRP] Connection failed
[50097] (10/05 17:33:34.446):{0x200C} [SRP] Dispatcher\SRP Connection dropped, Error=0
[30000] (10/05 17:33:34.446):{0x200C} [DIAG] EVENT=Unregister_thread, THREADID=0x200C, THREADNAME="SRPClientSession"
[30000] (10/05 17:33:34.446):{0x2624} [DIAG] EVENT=Register_thread, THREADID=0x2624, THREADNAME="SRPClientSessionReceiver"
[30000] (10/05 17:33:34.446):{0x2628} [DIAG] EVENT=Register_thread, THREADID=0x2628, THREADNAME="SRPClientSession"
[30000] (10/05 17:33:34.446):{0x262C} [DIAG] EVENT=Register_thread, THREADID=0x262C, THREADNAME="TimerHealth"
[30000] (10/05 17:33:34.446):{0x2050} [SRP] Failed to forward info
[30467] (10/05 17:33:34.446):{0x2050} Sending ESP_CONFIG command to BES Agent, ESPolicy disabled, SessionId=S73159019_001
[30309] (10/05 17:33:34.462):{0x2050} [BIPPa] {SCS} Sending data to BES Agent (S73159019_001), size=31, Tag=54673
[30000] (10/05 17:33:35.448):{0x2628} SRPClient::ReceivePacket: Error receiving Header (10054)
[20000] (10/05 17:33:35.448):{0x2628} SRPClient::Connect: Error calling host "localhost" [] (10054)
[20000] (10/05 17:33:35.448):{0x2628} [SRP] Connection failed
[20460] (10/05 17:33:35.448):{0x2628} [SRP] Connection failed
[50097] (10/05 17:33:35.448):{0x2628} [SRP] Dispatcher\SRP Connection dropped, Error=0
[30000] (10/05 17:33:35.448):{0x2628} [SRP] Connection lost
[30000] (10/05 17:33:49.896):{0x2628} SRPClient::ReceivePacket: No received bytes (0)
[20000] (10/05 17:33:49.896):{0x2628} SRPClient::Connect: Error calling host "localhost" [] (0)
[20000] (10/05 17:33:49.896):{0x2628} [SRP] Connection failed

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Re: BES locks up my router/firewall

If you are failing over then it will break the connection but BES should come back up once internet is restored. My cable modem is rebooted every night since after 95K connections it likes to die.


I have had nothing but bad luck with many firewalls over the years, but still using a sonicwall 300 here with no issues (untill it dies that is).


MicroSoft ISA 2004 is one of the best firewalls I have ever dealt with. Everything is run through it except for email and monitored web access. Lots of graphs and many addons too.


BES and live messanger ? how does this affect BES? Too many SSL tunnels maybe?


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