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Re: Blackberry Set Up and Activation Problems

Again thank you to everyone for the advice.


I have solved the 'Server not responding' problem, was down to the user's details being incorrect which was rather frustrating as I verified these details a few times with him!


In regards to the Activation Request failed problems, I am of the belief it is a SIM Card issue. I am having problems though getting hold of the guy so I can not try the reset or PIN test. It also seems he is with Orange but I am not sure he is using the Blackberry SIM Card, instead an older Orange SIM Card.


I have had another user call and said she couldn't even use the phone yet alone activate anything and it appears she is using a T-Mobile Sim Card in an Orange Blackberry. I requested her to use the Blackberry's original SIM but she won't so nothing much I can do there unless she changes provider or puts in the correct SIM card.

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Re: Blackberry activation request failed. a service connection is unavailable

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This is only to address anyone getting this error message. (blackberry activation request failed. a service connection is unavailable) 


I had the same problem too, I finally had it resoved by calling my service provider in this case AT&T and have them check that these services are activated in the users profile package. Make sure the phone is turned off while they are making these changes by removing the battery. Once they are done making the cahges place the battery back into the unit and reactivate. This is a sure fix.......good luck.


The following must be included in the profile.


-Blackberry Interprise

-Roaming 599

-World Connect


It's really unfortunate that RIM leave it to the user commuity to resolve these issues.


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Re: Blackberry Set Up and Activation Problems

In addition to the above, it could be a problem with certain flags and options set on the carrier side. For example, for some carriers, if you go over your data plan limits they can flag the data service off even though your plan still says that data is provisioned for your Blackberry. To determine if your phone actually does have data plan access or not, simply look at the icon in the top right hand corner of the display.  In the far right, there will be radio signal strength bars and an antenna just to the left of those bars. If you have data service enabled for the phone then just to left of the antenna image there should be four small dots laid out much like the Blackberry logo. If those four dots are not shown on the display then your phone doesn't have a working data service. Now it could be that the unit itself has a problem but it could also be that the data service is being blocked by the carrier even though the phone is provisioned for data service. So those dots let you know if you do or do not have data service.

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Re: Blackberry Set Up and Activation Problems

It is a BESAdmin rite of passage to go through the gauntlet of correcting the right BES data plan with your carrier.

Under Manage Connections on the device (OS 5 and higher), there's a services status which tells if connected to the data network.

For BES dataplan testing.



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