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Can't resolve name - BlackBerry Enterprise Server, help!

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Stuck on an issue, not sure what I can do for next steps:


Followed the exact installation, and prerequesite procedures for the BES installation.

During the installation, when prompted to enter the Mailbox and Exchange server, when I select "Check Name" it prompts me for credentials (unusual behaviour as I'm logged in as the mailbox i'm trying to connect to, so credentials should pass through), when I provide the credentials I get the error:


"The name could not be resolved. Network problems are preventing connection to the Microsoft Exchange Server computer. Contact your system administrator if this condition persists."


In the event log, the following error is presented:


Event ID: 20000

[ExchangeAdaptorDLL::Initialize] Failed to open default message store, result=0x80040111.


When running wireshark I see:


DCERPC   Bind: call_id: 1, 2 context items, 1st EPMv4 V3.0

DCERPC   Bind_ack: call_id: 1 Unknown result (3), reason: Abstract syntax not supported


I know this seems as though it would be a permission issue, however if I use an outlook client (logged in as the service account) I can connect to the mailbox with no issues.


Before you ask the typical questions:


  1. Outlook is not installed on the BES.
  2. The BES and Exchange server is on the same subnet, there is no firewall in between.
  3. I can successfully rpcping
  4. I can resolve DNS without any issues
  5. The CDO and Mapi dll's are the same as the exchange server. (Same SP level as the exchange box as well.)
  6. I can log into this mailbox using outlook.
  7. I tried removing all the profiles in the registry under the Windows Messaging Subsystem.
  8. The CDO file has been registered.
  9. I tried a brand new installation, same issue.
  10. BES Service account can log on locally/as a service, and is a member of the Admin account, send as permissions are set.
  11. I can successfully connect to RIM, and validate SRP etc.
  12. Both boxes are Win2k3, the exchange server is 2003.

Any suggestions?



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Re: Can't resolve name - BlackBerry Enterprise Server, help!

I should mention  that the BES server is R2, and it's unlikely the Exchange server/DC's are, not sure if that makes a difference.
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Re: Can't resolve name - BlackBerry Enterprise Server, help!

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Is the mailbox initialized? I mean try sending an email to the BESAdmin acct... Really weird problem, as I can see you already tested all relevant things. If I was you , would go one more time through all permissions (exchange, local, sql etc) and made sure all is correct. Now how busy your exchange is and global catalog? Maybe reboot both and BES at the end?
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Re: Can't resolve name - BlackBerry Enterprise Server, help!

If you havent already done so, try resolving using FQDN or IP address of the Exchange Server?


If that still doesn't work then see if you can log in as the domain admin on the machine and try the following:


- Launch Command prompt

- Switch dir to C:\Program Files\Research In Motion\Blackberry Enterprise Server

- At the prompt type BESProfile.exe -m

- This will gibe you the profile prompt

- See if you can resolve BESAdmin as the domain admin on this box.


You stated that the you can log into outlook to the BESAdmin mailbox with no prob. Is there a diffrence in location where the other box was to where the BES is located....diffrent switch, network segment?






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Re: Can't resolve name - BlackBerry Enterprise Server, help!

R2 has an issue with ESM, a few people remove ESM 2003 tools and use the 2007 CDO instead.




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