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Cannot add individual user

This is a real peach of a problem!


A user is configured for Exchange and has no problems accessing their email. When we preview the Global Address List we can see the user’s account and their details.


When we log onto the BES Enterprise server and try to add the user we cannot see them in the Address List. When we try to provision the user using the besuseradminclient command we get these errors in the in the BBUA log file….


[30000] (09/22 10:13:33):{0x2F28} Host (Servername) passed authentication.
[30000] (09/22 10:13:33):{0x2F28} Client [NT AUTHORITY\NETWORK SERVICE] connecting to service.
[40000] (09/22 10:13:33):{0x2F28} Permission level for operation [BBUAAppResources.domain.user.add] is [4]
[40000] (09/22 10:13:33):{0x2F28} Permission level for operation [BBUAAppResources.domain.user.activationpw] is [4]
[40000] (09/22 10:13:33):{0x2F28} HrGWResolveProxy failed; no SMTP address available.
[20000] (09/22 10:13:33):{0x2F28} BESUserAdmin:Could not find server distinguished name.
[40000] (09/22 10:13:33):{0x2F28} GetUserAddressInfo: Could not get address info for user [username@correctemail.com] (Server [Servername]).
[40000] (09/22 10:13:33):{0x2F28} AddUser: Could not find user [username@correctemail.com].


When I compare the properties for the account that doesn’t work against one that does, every field has the same or comparable information and there are no omissions. Certainly the email address settings are correct within AD.


The user does not appear in list of BES accounts, so the account has not been created already.

The problem only relates to one specific user. If I create a different user (within the same organisation) they appear immediately in the global address list.


The BES Services and the BES Enterprise Server have been restarted sveral times. The user's mailbox has even been moved to a different storage group!


As I said, all other users can be provisioned fine and the problem user is able to send, receive and access their email without any problems at all.


I'm at a complete loss, so any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

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Re: Cannot add individual user

Can this user create an Outlook profile?  Can you open up this users mailbox from someone elses Outlook client?


It appears that the user is not listed in the GAL that the BES Admin is using.  If this is the default GAL, make sure the GAL rebuild is occuring and that the user is indeed in the appropriate address book by verifying the AD attribute showInAddressBook.

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