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Cannot sync BB calendar to Outlook calendar

Hi all,


I posted this in another forum but didn't get many reponses so I'll try my luck here. Here is my issue: when I add a calendar entry in Outlook 2003 it shows up on my blackberry calendar. When I add something to my blackberry calendar it does not show up in Outlook. Email is synching fine, it seems like everything is doing the two way synch, just I cannot figure out how to get the blackberry calendar entries to show up in Outlook. Anybody know how to fix this?



Model 8700G



Blackberry Professional Manager software is  (cannot find any calendar syncing options on this either)


Appreciate the help, thanks

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Re: Cannot sync BB calendar to Outlook calendar

4 Quick Questions


 a> Did you create a service account?

 b> Who is currently running BES Services in Windows services console

 c> Does the service account have "Send As" and "Receive As" allowed on the storage group your mailbox happens to reside on using Exchange System Manager (Assuming you have EXchange 2003)

 d> Do you also see the service account having a "Deny" for "Send as" and "Receive As" in Exchange System Manager on storage group level?



Normally with your symptoms, the service account is part of domain administrator.


Domain Admins have an Explicit Deny for the 2 permissions our service account requires to update the "Free/Busy" store for BlackBerry users


If our service account belongs to domain admins, the service account ***implicitly*** inherits the deny permissions for send as and receive as.


During a conflict of permissions in AD (between allow and deny) Deny always takes precedence.


Hence service account part of domain admin causes 1 way calendar sync from BlackBerry to Exchange since service account cannot update the free busy store for BlackBerry Smartphone users.


I hope this explains the vanilla issues with 1 way calendar synchronization from BlackBerry to Exchange.



Please update the thread with more information



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Re: Cannot sync BB calendar to Outlook calendar

We had the same issue. Only happens for hidden users account.

Check to see if the account is hidden, if so unhide the account.

The only thing not working that we found with hidden accounts was the wireless calendar.

Wireless synch: Outlook to BB works fine

Wireless Synh: BB to outlook does not work


If account must remain hidden, user will need to synch his calendar locally using the Deskptop Manager.


Hope that helps

BlackBerry Device Admin.