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Common fixes for BES users not getting email.

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I’ve read a lot of posts of people not getting email from BES, so I figured I’d throw together some of the common things I do when I user tells me they can’t get email on the device, I hope it helps, feel free to respond with anything and I will add it


Common reasons why users will stop getting email on BES.


If you have a user who has stopped receiving email, and they are activated on a blackberry enterprise server, these are some of the common trouble shooting steps that might help.


 Is the blackberry able to send email?

*If it is not, open that email message and scroll to the very top and take that error message, it could say one of many things, some of the more common messages are:


 “Service blocked” this will indicate that on the carriers side, the user has had something change on his data side and needs to speak to the carrier to get it resolved. Another great way to check, is have the user navigate to Options/advanced options/enterprise activation, if this is gone, it means that for some reason he was removed from the Blackberry enterprise data plan by his carrier.




Desktop email program was unable to submit message” This is a issue with your BES, the first thing I would check to see if the Blackberry router is running, and possibly restarting it if it is. This could also indicate though the use is having permissions issues, or has a full mailbox.




Unlisted message errorThis is also a BES issue and can be one of a few different things, it usually means for some reason or another, the blackberry device is unable to access the email client. It could be a service book, could be a permissions issue.




*If it is able to send email,


The first thing I usually check, is the date and time set correctly? Very common issue, your blackberry can not receive email if your date and time are set correctly.


Have you tried to pull the battery from the device? This is a very common fix; a reset will fix this problem a lot of the times.


Make sure the user is actually set up to get his mail from desktop secure, open up one his received and sent messages and make sure they come from desktop secure, I’ve seen a lot of users who have an enterprise data plan, but use the setup wizard and don’t actually use the BES but set up there web mail for example to get mail.




Do they have any filters set up? It is very common for users to attempt to set up filters on the devices, and accidentally set it up so they don’t get any emails at all.


Are they over any assigned mail quota rules? In some environments, if you are over your mail quota, your blackberry will not be able to receive email on the device. Sometimes you will even get a send message informing you that you are over quota, but I’ve seen people not get this message also.


Have you gotten any email in your email client? If the mail server is down, the blackberry is unable to receive messages.


*After trying most of these basic steps and the user is unable to get email still, I usually try the following steps.


If you have access to the BES, check to see when the most recent contact time is, if it is not anytime recent, are their multiple users this is affecting?


Does the user have any pending messages? If it does, it means that the device is attempting to send the messages to the device but is unable to for some reason.



Check filters again from the BES side this time, make sure that even on the BES the user does not have any filters set up, and that if they do, they are set up correctly, also check the "if none of these filters apply box, send message to handheld" box to make sure it is set to true, but I would most likely just remove the filter at this point.



If you open PIM sync, is wireless reconcile enabled?

Has the user been moved to a different mail store/server? A lot of the time, you will have to do a reload user to his BES account


On the users device, have them navigate to Settings/options/advanced options/service book and delete the following three service books.


<Desktop> sync

<Desktop> cmime

<Desktop> cical


Wait 10 seconds and confirmed he deleted them, then re send those from the BES manager, have the user watch the enterprise activation screen, and when it says complete, see if the user is able to get mail now. This can take a few minutes to pull down.


If there contact time is good, when is the last time the user received and email according to the BES?


Has anything changed on his email side that is of importance? I have had it happen to me so many times, you do all this troubleshooting, and then the user says, “Oh and by the way, my mail server is down, is that going to cause a problem?”


Some quick server stuff you can check


Are all the necessary blackberry services running?

There are a lot of these, but there are two that are quick checks

*blackberry dispatcher

*blackberry router
*blackberry synchronization service



Great list here






Did your mail servers or domain environment recently have changes done? Allot of the time, this requires either a BES reboot, or some services restarted, just something to keep in mind.


Do allot of users have a high amount of pending messages? This could indicate your BES is having latency issues, and you might want to investigate this further.


Article on pending messages




If all this fails, you might have to have the blackberry user back up the data on his device, remove his account from the server, waiting for it to leaving pending delete and then readd his account (Check your mail environment for more specific instructions, for example, domino you might have to go in and manually remove the state database)


Once again this is stuff that you can check just by having access to the BES manager, this is by no means a server troubleshooting guide, just some stuff I do on an everyday basis, I hope its help to someone.

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Re: Common fixes for BES users not getting email.

There is big outage, wait a bit for it to be fixed.


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