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GAL lookup from BB

Hi all,

Currently my company hosts their own BES. We are running 4.1.6 mr 1  with Exchange 2007 and have been having no issues. Smiley Happy


But my company decided to move our Exchange and BES environment to a named company for outsourcing. Smiley Sad (Anyone need a BES admin?)


Anyways, I do not know what version of BES we are on now, as they will not tell us. And the issue we are having now is not replicated on our inhouse environment. The outsource is stating it is an issue on our end, but as I don't see this issue on my bes, I am blaming them. (I know I don't have alot of background info, but I'm hoping someone can help).


Anyways, on the devices of the people who have migrated when you do a GAL lookup we are not seeing everyone.




In AD we have Company field filled out with the different divisions. Company NA, Company CA, Company UK etc etc.  And of course this syncs back to Outlook.


If you search for Dave, it should bring up all the Dave's in the company. But, it isn't. The search is only displaying the Dave's in Company NA. 


If we do a lookup on an inhouse BB, it works fine. All Dave's show up regardless of what is in the Company field.


I do know they have screwed with the policies, no password, but have us on a 5 bad passwords and it will wipe the device, so it wouldn't surprise me if they did something else in there. I just can't can't find it.


Any takers?


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Re: GAL lookup from BB

Im knot an hosted expert, but it may be the hosted company might not have access to your GAL or is only using letting similar companies see only thier company info.


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Re: GAL lookup from BB

Yes, You are correct, the issue is with the Outsourced company.


If they control both the BES and the exchange, then how can the issue NOT be with them?

It is really scary if they are supposed to be controlling the BES as they obviously do not know how the BB system with BES works!



Are ALL the exchange servers and BES servers being controlled by them, or just the ones in your company NA?

(ie what about exchange in Company AD, etc)

If they control All the exchanges then yes the issue is with them. If not then it sounds like you'll need an Exchange Admin to verify the connections between the exchangeservers - ensure they have correct permissions setup.

Obviously the issue is going to be with the exchange that THEY control if you havent changed the permissions on the internal ones...


I dont envy your task...

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Re: GAL lookup from BB

I figured it was on their side, but it never hurts to ask. Plus its not like I can ask them. They are so slow. 24 hours for them to add a user to the bes and send out the activation email. 24! wtf?


And since I have no clue how they are running things, and still dont' understand all this BPOS ( Microsoft Business Productivity Online Suite) stuff.They are still syncing back to our Exchange environment, as that is still where we are making all the address book changes and new entries.


Anyways, we are in the middle of a migration to them.


We currently have 2 Exchange servers and 1 BES. Things are great! Smiley Happy Everything is smooth. Most of all, I have my BES.


There will be 1 BES and 2 exchange servers when they are done.Right now they are not syncing the UK server. They figured they would screw up NA first.


Thanks for the reply.