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Re: Message delete from Outlook but still in HH



I am commenting on the original issue that was posted referring to the following lines:


Queuing notification of hard-deleted mail. RefId=-893778111
[40182] (04/06 11:34:46.651):{0x140C} {xxx@ABC.COM} MAPIMailbox::RefIDtoEntryID - Found RefId=-893778111
[40369] (04/06 11:34:46.651):{0x140C} {xxx@ABC.COM} Message found by RefId - not hard-deleted. RefId=-893778111


This will happen when exchange cached mode is enabled for the mail user.


I can confirm this with the line from the RIM knowledge base:


"if hard delete is enabled on the BlackBerry Enterprise Server, permanently deleted emails on Microsoft Outlook will not reconcile on the BlackBerry smartphone since a duplicate copy still exists on the Microsoft Exchange Server"




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Re: Message delete from Outlook but still in HH


Please dont necro old threads with almost no new content nor a link to support your findings.


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Re: Message delete from Outlook but still in HH

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***Edit*** I just saw this was an old thread, sorry for adding a reply...


I had the same issue but in reverse, along with the refid errors. For my user it turned out to be a quota issue on a sub section of his mailbox (the overall mailbox size was fine). We use managed folders and have one section that is limited to 500mb, and my user was at 513mb in the managed folder.


That was enough to break syncing (even thought the sub folder wasn't set to sync). His device would sync read/unread status and deletes from Outlook to the device, but not deletes from the device to Outlook. I had tried upgrading his device, moving his mailbox, deleting him from the BES and adding back and changing BES servers. I couldn't believe it turned out to be a quota exceeded on a sub folder that wasn't even set to sync. Soon as I cleaned up the sub folder to drop it below quota, preformed a reload on the user all the refid errors went away.


For your VIP, if there is just a mismatch in folder refids then you can remove him from the BES, tell it to delete the information from his mailbox then wait 10 minutes or so to make sure he is purged from the database. After that add him back, then activate again and hopefully the refid errors will go away.


Maybe add him to a static message agent so you can log his information in its own debug log file.