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Problems with new Exchange Server.



We are currently in the process of migrating users from one exchange server to another, and seem to be having some rather odd problems with Blackberry users.


For this example, the "old" exchange server will be called Exchange1 and the "new" exchange server will be called Exchange2.


Both exchange servers are in the same environment in the same location.


If we move an existing Blackberry user that is currently working fine from Exchange1 and move them to Exchange2, they are no longer able to access their emails from their Blackberry untill the Blackberry Server is rebooted.


If we setup a new Blackberry user that is on Exchange2, then they are unable to get access to their emails via the Blackberry at all. If we then move the user who is having problems from Exchange2 to Exchange1 and give the Blackberry Server a reboot, they are then able to access their emails fine.


We have setup Exchange2 exactly the same as Exchange1, Blackberry Admin as local administrator rights to both servers and has Send/Recieve access to the information stores on both servers.


Is anyone able to offer some advice as we are running out of idea's and troubleshooting methods to try.


Thanks in advance.

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Re: Problems with new Exchange Server.


Can you verify if you have created a Blackberry Serivce account exactly the same way on Exchnage 2.


Usually, when you move a mailbox from one mailserver to another, you have to Run handheldcleanup.exe

tool to notify of this change.

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Re: Problems with new Exchange Server.

Have you assigned the correct permissions to the service account for the new Exchange server?


Also, in case handheldcleaup doesnt help, just restart the dispatcher service. 

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Re: Problems with new Exchange Server.

Hello RSnooks,


The fact that you mention that a reboot fixes the issue, I would not think of this as "permission" issue.


When you move a user from one Exchange server to another the ServerDN changes for that user.

Running handheldcleanup -u from the command prompt updates the BlackBerry database with the moved user's new ServerDN


This does not require a reboot or restart of services either (under all normal circumstances)

If handheldcleanup -u has been run, I would then wait 5-10 minutes for mail flow to resume for the migrated users.

If it does not, then Right click and "Reload User" then refresh the BlackBerry Manager to confirm the "ServerDN" for the user shows the ExchangeServer2 that they were migrated to.



Hope this helps.