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Quick "Knife-edge" BES 4.1 Migration to New Hardware Question

I am following the KB (KB10278) on migrating BES 4.1 (MSDE) to new hardware.  My new server has a different Windows name than the original (BES-1 and BES-2).  When I come to the part of the doc for BES installation on the new hardware it says "When prompted for BES name, use the same name as the existing BES name."  When I enter the "existing" name it says it is not a valid Windows name.  It will only let me use the same name as the new (BES-2) Windows name.  Will this cause a problem later when I go to restore the existing database?

ALSO- I am using the same BESMgmt name for the databases.



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Re: Quick "Knife-edge" BES 4.1 Migration to New Hardware Question

When you restore the database you'll be overwriting all of these settings ... but you should be moving the database first (per the instructions).


If you connect to the BESMgmt database and execute:


select * from serverconfig


in query analyzer, or whatever interface you're using for sql client access, you want to call your BES the same thing as listed in the column "ServiceName"


You could also do:


select ServiceName from serverconfig


and it'll give you the name you need to enter during the install.  Its possible the server name is BES-11 ...

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Re: Quick "Knife-edge" BES 4.1 Migration to New Hardware Question

Hello mparella,


It is very crucial that during the knife edge cutover process you call the installation (which will create new registry keys for your new server) with the same BESName as the server you are cutting over from.



If you are for any reason during a fresh clean install of BlackBerry Enterprise Server unable to specify a BESName (on the 7th screen during installation, right above the next button in a field called "BlackBerry Enterprise Server Name") then you might have the incorrect installer.



During a fresh clean install, usually this BESName will be filled out for you, the same as the netbios name of your Microsoft Windows Server you are attempting to install BlackBerry Enterprise Software on.


During a cutover process, this 7th setup screen (BES 4.1.x setup) needs to be tweaked, for a successful Knife Edge Cutover to take place.



The whole point of this is so that when you bring your database from BES-1 to BES-2, you arent creating a new BESName within BESMgmt database. There is nothing wrong with this, there are administrators out there with 5-10 BlackBerry Server's under 1 BlackBerry domain, but they designed it to be this way to serve their purposes.


An incorrect knife edge cutover will yeild similar results, even though this is not what the process was defined for.


Let's step back and re-check why the installation screen is not letting you use the BESName of the server your are cutting over from.

 - Open BlackBerry Manager

 - In the explorer view

 - Under Servers

 - Note down the BESName of the server you are cutting over from

 - Ensure this is the exact name you are attempting to bring up the new BlackBerry Enterprise Server



Please keep us posted Smiley Happy